The Benefits of Using Automation Testing Tools and How to Use Them Effectively

A Test Automation tool is one that automatically tests a system, which otherwise a human Tester would manually execute. In this article, I have grouped the top benefits of relying on Automation Testing tools into “obvious” and “hidden” benefits. Of course, using such a tool effectively is the key to a successful Test Automation project. Hence, I have also mentioned the top 5 tips that you can follow to make the best use of the tools.

The Obvious Benefits of Using an Automated Testing Tool

Benefit 1 – Saves time.

An Automated testing tool runs much faster than humans, and can run multiple tests parallely as well!

Benefit 2 – Saves Money.

Time saved implies money saved. The money that you would otherwise invest in paying a Manual Tester(s) is negated. An automated test tool can run the job of multiple Testers in a much faster, efficient way.

Benefit 3 – An automation tool does not get “tired” or “bored” like humans do.

To a human, repetitive tests could get boring, and a huge count of tests can be exhausting. This can cause unintentional errors by hand. Automated tests can run tests 24/7, without any breaks in between that too without any error.

Benefit 4 – Ability to Schedule tests beforehand.

For example, if certain tests need to be executed only at midnight. Not many testers would be ready for it, and even if they do, they would charge you higher pay for a night shift job.  However, we can launch tests to be launched and run at any time of the day by associating it with a schedule beforehand by automation.

Benefit 5 – Ability to launch tests remotely

Yes, we can launch the tests remotely from anywhere in the world. Pretty cool, right?


The Hidden Benefits

Benefit 6 – Better utilization of manpower

It “replaces” the job of a Tester. Hence, that Tester can invest that time in something else. For example, by automating more tests, upskilling themselves, etc.

Benefit 7 – Quality of tests are much better vs a Tester executing the same tests

Because an Automation test tool does not get bored or tired, it is obvious that the quality is much better. An automated test cannot make a mistake unless maybe programmed wrongly.

Benefit 8 – Maximum test coverage. Optimized tests

Multiple tests can be run in parallel. Some tools help even plan and recommend high coverage tests automatically. The result is an optimized test suite.

Benefit 9 – Happy Tester

The Tester can rather involve in more satisfying job roles that make use of his or her cognitive and creative power. This trait is unique by humans at least until now!

Benefit 10 – Happy Client

Better product quality saved money, great test coverage, etc. and that too in multiples!


How Do We Ensure That the Automation Tools are Used Effectively?

Top 5 tips are as follows –

Tip 1 – Have a solid Automation strategy in place

Plan out your strategy in a wholesome. Involve experienced testers, Choose the right type of Automation tools as per requirements, and keep revisiting the Automation strategy.

Tip 2 – Choose the right tool for your tests

Also, check if the tool allows 3rd party add-ons and 3rd party tool integration. For example, TestProject tool allows both. Eventually, you can rely on external tools that you wish to retain or use due to a preferred feature in another tool.  

Tip 3 – Appoint a person to hold the responsibility of maintaining the Automated tests.

Business requirements change, as per which the product changes as well. Hence, it is ideal to have one person who maintains the Automated Test Suite in case tests need to be added, deleted or updated.

Tip 4 – Train the testers to automate

An automation strategy involving recommendations by seasoned Testers will result in better Automation tests for sure. Also, train the testers to automate.

Tip 5 – Ensure that the Automation tool syncs with the latest technologies

For example, self-healing AI features where tests repair itself in case there has been an error! Isn’t that exciting?

Hence, investing in Automation test tool results in a satisfied client due to the quality product delivered. Their “Faster Time to Market” is also fulfilled! These days Automation tools are continually updated with the latest emerging technologies, making the Test Automation world an exciting one! Remember – choose an Automation test tool wisely!


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