Let’s Get Your Testing Kickstarted into the New Year!

As 2019 draws to a close, let’s get you and your team ahead of the testing game for 2020.

We have just launched a brand new series. Let’s get your testing off to the right track for the New Year. Do you want to test with intent next year? Well test smarter, not harder over 4 days on EuroSTAR Huddle.

Start the New Year with your best foot forward and be your best testing self!

From 27-30th Jan, we will be joined by experts in testing. Be taught by leaders in their respective testing fields.

Kickstart Your Testing Webinar Series 27-30 January

We will kick off the series with Marina Bechaalani on the 27th of Jan with ‘Measuring Release Quality & Delivering Release Value’. Learn that the quality of a product does not have a meaning without knowing the concerned persons who matter today and understanding very well what they value in the product.

On the 28th, Beren Van Daele will teach you how to work as a team to discuss and describe a strategy to tackle a real life case and problem. ‘RiskStorming – Build a Strategy That Matters‘. This RiskStorming session format is a wonderful way of generating a visible Test Strategy as a team that automatically focuses your plan to answer the important questions. It leverages the diversity of people around the table, their ideas and experiences. Learn to share and learn from each other. Come up with a strategy. How do we test?

On Wednesday, Diana Larsen, author of The Agile Fluency Project and founder of FutureWorks will present ‘Cultivating High Performing Teams for Every Business Need‘. A successful team begins as a collection of individuals with complementary technical skills.

High Performing teams seek to produce valuable products. They ensure business needs are satisfied. They collaborate as needed, within the team, across teams, and with their business partners outside the team. In this webinar learn how to recognize high performing teams. Explore which team capabilities will provide the best delivery growth. I will help you consider a plan to cultivate team skills and behaviors that lead to the best outcomes for your business needs.

To finish out the series, Fran O’Hara will talk to us about ‘Combining Scrum with Kanban – a Test/Quality Perspective‘.

Scrumban was created to meet team needs in minimizing the batching of work and adopting a Pull-based approach. The hybrid of two Agile methods provides software development teams with the flexibility to adapt and change to stakeholders and production requirements without overburdens. This is a versatile approach to workflow management as it provides the full Scrum structure with the visualization and flexibility of Kanban. Register for the webinar to find out more!!

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