5 Key Benefits of Using Meteor.js for Mobile App Development Projects

Meteor or MeteorJS is one of the widely used open source JavaScript frameworks preferred by startups for their website or mobile apps. Written in the Node.js it is one of the most popular frameworks for developing cross-platform mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

As Meteor.js has gained widespread attention from both seasoned and new developers worldwide, it seems obvious that would-be developers want to know what makes the framework so popular. Let us explain the five major reasons or benefits that make this framework an obvious choice for cross-platform mobile app development.


1. By-default Capability to Build Real-Time Apps

When using many other JavaScript frameworks, you need to extend the capabilities to incorporate real-time streaming feature. At a time when offering trending feature became a significant push factor for new apps, real-time apps enjoy all the popularity among mobile app development companies. In contrast to other JavaScript frameworks, Meteor.js comes equipped with capabilities to build real-time apps by default.

Really-time apps have become widely popular these days thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter who allows this feature for millions of users who can stream real-time live sessions without going to a different page. Before Meteor.js developing an app with real-time functionality involved several complexities. The framework for the first time offered in-built and by-default real-time capability.

Thanks to this capability, any new user data updated will be updated and made available in the real-time without any lag time. This obviously helps an app to deliver a far enhanced user experience.


2. A Single Language Equipped with a Smart Package

Meteor.js is one of those few frameworks that allow developing both frontend and backend of an app along with the app database. One simple JavaScript language allows app developers to handle all facets of the app. The language equally works great for client-side and server-side development.

Meteor.js boosts the efficiency of projects and makes the job of the development team easier by helping users through a comprehensive and tremendously simplified accounts system. Thanks to this account system the whole process gets simple. This smart system also allows developers to utilise the language for a variety of other tasks of their preference such as writing apps using CoffeeScript.


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3. Simple and Easy to Learn

All three JavaScript languages, namely Angularjs, React JS and Meteor.js support HTML & CSS to offer comprehensive solution comprising web functionalities and design elements. But compared to the other two, Meteor.js is regarded to be simpler for coding output.

Apart from the simplicity of coding, the framework is also known for unmatched ease of learning. It is an excellent framework for any would-be developer or anyone trying his coding skill for the first time to build an enterprise-grade app. One can learn the framework very fast, especially with the very helpful community support of the framework.


4. A Highly Productive Framework to Solve a lot of Problems

Meteor.js also gained an excellent reputation as a highly efficient and productive framework to save a lot of time without compromising on quality and features. While earlier all the major JavaScript choices and other languages involved a lot of complexities requiring at least a few hours of effort for building a simple app, Meteor.js allows developers to build the app with least effort and in less than an hour.

In this respect, we must remember the stupendous community help this framework offers to the developers. The framework enjoys continuous support from a ready to help community besides a whole array of useful resources. To solve any of the development issues and confusion, the developers can always find more help than they ever asked for. To give some examples of the range of help, we can refer to a website like Crater that offers all the latest developments in the world of Meteor.js. You also have a video training website for Meteor.js developers called Evented Mind.


5. An Ideal Framework for Startups

Finally, this is the ideal JavaScript framework for startups working on their mobile apps. For all those companies working on a mobile app with little resource and a small budget, Meteor.js comes as an affordable technology solution. Startups and small enterprises building mobile apps can consider the below-mentioned advantages of the framework.

Cross-platform development: The framework can be ideally used for building apps that can work on both iOS and Android platforms and can meet the respective native performance standards and user experience parameters. Moreover, the framework can be used seamlessly for web and mobile app development at the same time. This gives any startups or small firms the advantage of building apps at a much lesser cost and time.

Lower time to market: For startups getting a competitive advantage through faster time to market is a crucial consideration. This requires fast-paced development and deployment of the app. Meteor.js allowing rapid prototyping and helping you to build a basic MVP app in an hour or two can drastically lower the development and deployment time for a mobile app. Moreover, you always get ready to use smart packages to help you build the app faster.


Meteor.js has arrived almost like a meteor in the world of web and app development with a never-before promise of delivering all the sought-after advantages like efficiency, productivity, low-learning curve, mission-critical features, low development cost and simplicity of development. The framework is all set to dominate the app development scene in the time to come.


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