5 Reasons You Should Add AI to Your Mobile Apps

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming one of the most important and popular topics in both science and business, and more and more primary tech companies are showing their interest in AI investment. For example, Google’s recent acquisition of DeepMind worth $400 million is one of the prime examples of mainstream AI application.

A research study done by the Mckinsey Global Institute showed that many tech giants like Google and Baidu spent more than $20 billion on AI last year, with about 90% of the amount spent on research and development and deployment while 10% on AI acquisitions.


AI is now an integral part of everything. Actually, nowadays, businesses and organizations are learning about the various methods to integrate AI into different things as well as improve and enhance customer experience. Satisfied customers, after all, are the main reason behind most successful businesses. We can say that not just AI but machine learning has tagged along to create some astonishing and groundbreaking influence on each sector. Unlike QR codes, artificial intelligence is not going away. This is why business owners who do not take part soon will be left behind. Mobile apps are one of the most effective and easiest ways to get started.

In addition to enhancing productivity and efficiency in many other industries, mobile app development is another key area where artificial intelligence can showcase its various advantages. It is worth mentioning that a majority of energies that are invested in this vital process focus on enhancing overall user experience.

With this central idea concentrated on mobile application technology, different user interface elements and aspects of any mobile app should be interactive, immersive, and intuitive. AI is great as it can achieve this purpose very intelligently.

In case your business or organization has an app or multiple apps, you should talk to your app development team regarding incorporating AI right now. Here are 5 reasons you have to add artificial intelligence to your mobile app or apps within the next year.


1.     AI Mobile Apps Retain Customers

Apps that are enabled with AI provide seamless, personalized, and intuitive customer experience. This is one reason why chatbots are transforming mobile app development. The chief principle of artificial intelligence for these mobile applications is collecting data from past interactive sessions. This usually results in a precise and accurate understanding of customer behavior, which AI machines use to connect these customers to a brand.

On the other hand, apps that have no innovative features are soon abandoned by users. However, this tendency could be altered by the latest AI technology. Mobile applications that use AI algorithms help retain more customers by offering them spontaneous and seamless user experience.

AI can help analyse tons of user data to offer insights about your customers, including what they click on, don’t click, like, dislike and more. This is why if one or more aspects of your mobile app aren’t that useful, you will certainly know, and then you could focus on what is working, which can help increase engagement.


2.     AI is Gaining Momentum

Research studies reveal that investment in AI is increasing quite rapidly. Although investors are primarily found in finance, healthcare, and education, AI is being integrated on a daily basis to mobile apps. Also, keep in mind that data is not just to make your mobile app better; the more relevant data you are able to glean from your mobile app’s users, the more likely you are to leverage that data to find investors, charge more or sell ads.

Artificial Intelligence has been greatly integrated into our daily lives. It is everywhere in our daily routine, from travel apps to augmented reality. You can take customer satisfaction to another level by carefully offering them the suggestions they’re looking for. It is mainly because customers are happy when they don’t have to find things.  They are, in fact, already searched for as well as presented right in front of you.


3.     AI Technology Helps Generate Loyalty

It is worth mentioning that just like advanced predictive intelligence, artificial intelligence also empowers amazing pattern detecting abilities. You can integrate such intelligence in a variety of finance apps, for example, where users tend to constantly depend on their debit and credit cards for frequent e-commerce and banking transactions.

Understanding and analysing the patterns of card usage from past transactions, these intelligent mobile apps inform users regarding any instances of suspicious or unusual payment attempt. As you can imagine, this very convenience keeps customers using these mobile apps and increases the loyalty for service providers.

4.     AI is not as Expensive as you may think

Contrary to popular belief AI is not very expensive. Depending specifically on what functions and features you need to include in your mobile app, the costs might not be prohibitive, even in the case of smaller companies. In addition, if you add artificial intelligence from the start of your mobile app build, it is even more economical. Moreover, your mobile app will easily stand out from your competitors and provide something that makes it much more marketable and appealing than others, which makes it a worthy investment. You can also hire a mobile app developer to develop an AI-based app. The cost range could certainly fall depending on the suitable choice. There are a number of factors to consider since different mobile apps are not identical.

That being said, calculating app development costs may be realized considering just a few factors. They usually include functionalities, utility, features, and complexity.

5.     Artificial Intelligence will help integrate with other apps

People love convenience these days. This is why building in smart voice control and other AI features would improve the seamless integration with other many other apps and with customers’ IoT devices; hence, users could go from one to another without having to stop to launch separate programs.

Final Thoughts

The growth of AI is driving a completely new and improved class of mobile app possibilities. Artificial intelligence has been instrumental in mobile app development for many years already, starting with Apple’s Siri and the technology has the potential to advance a lot more in the coming years.

The tech giant Amazon recently launched its Alexa artificial intelligence app software that can personalize user experience in unimaginable ways. Also, Google has invested a huge $400 million to buy DeepMind for AI mobile app development. In addition, famous companies such as IBM and Microsoft are creating AI interactive software. Ford has also partnered with Amazon for using Alexa in their vehicles to help drivers check weather conditions, play their favorite music and audio-books, create personalized lists and control Alexa-enabled devices.

All these big examples indicate how artificial intelligence could be integrated into apps for higher retention, customer engagement, and business growth. We are more likely to see many AI mobile apps transforming the interactions between brands and customers in the future.



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