Importance of Software Testing for Mobility Solutions

Mobility solutions are changing the way we talk, communicate, shop, pay, and order. The world is going mobile today, and in order to keep pace with it, businesses are investing in application development as it makes three major tasks easy: Connectivity, Profitability and Expandability.  Today, every enterprise wants to increase profit, customer retention ratio, sales, brand awareness, and much more. And the good news is one user-friendly application has the potential to get all these things done and accelerate business growth to attain a huge profit. Software Testing For Mobility Solutions plays a part in this.

Imagine you have developed an app or website to achieve all the above goals. You also have hired the best technology partner, but what if the user interface glitches while accessing it? It will deliver a poor user experience and frustrate customers. This is why software testing is important to ensure an excellent user experience. (source)

Statista has projected that, by 2022, the number of mobile app downloads will reach a whopping 258 billion. Today, there are apps for every purpose, and people want to have the best user experience. In order to get positive reviews and boost sales, investing in software testing would not cost you more than people’s bad reviews. 

Test First, Then Release

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Selenium is the popular testing automation tool these days. A considerably vast amount of money is invested in the development of the feature-rich app. There is a developer’s cost, third-party API integration cost, designer’s cost, and the list go on. A faulty software application might ruin the company’s reputation, so before releasing the final product to the customers, the brands need to guarantee good quality and optimum performance as per the demand of customers. 

Now imagine, you have released a product, now what if your application’s unique feature crashes while the user accesses it? Nobody wants a BUG. 

Let’s understand it with a real-life example.


In December 2020, one of the popular food delivery apps, Zomato was down; customers could not place an order. The website and apps both were down for a while due to an unexpected DoS attack. Not only Zomato, but this can also happen to anyone due to lack of security or a huge volume of data. 

This is why the demand for ordering system for restaurants has been increasing in the food industry domain. Because a buggy app loses the company’s reputation, customers and leaves a bad impact on the user’s mind. 

Recently a report from SmartInsights stated that you only have 4-5 seconds to impress customers when they are accessing it, and if it either loads slow, crashes or it has a poor interface they will just leave and go to your competitors without any second thought. 

Software Testing For Mobility Solutions

Software testing is crucial because your customer journey solely depends on that. You need to ensure your customers that the product is tested twice; you won’t face any glitches and develop without compromising standards. Nevertheless, remember that the loss that occurs due to software failure is higher than the entire development cost. So, without any fuss, let see what are the important reasons that inspire you to perform software testing before release. 

Saves Money

This is the very first reason why testing is important before launch. Software testing increases the cost-effectiveness of the project. It means if you find any bug while testing, you can immediately fix it, and it costs less. Moreover, apart from your technical team, no one would know about that. 

Now imagine the reverse situation, you have released the product, and in the comment section, users are posting their feedback about the errors and issues they face while accessing it. It will cost you more as well as damage your company’s reputation.

But hiring an experienced and skilled software tester is a prerequisite because they have ample knowledge of the entire cycle and help you make your product more user-friendly. Overall, it saves money, and your product will be going to reap many benefits. 

Improve App User Interface

Who will use your product? Customers right?

What is the average loading speed? 

Are your users content with what they see? 

These questions look normal but overlooking them will cost you more. The app development team should focus on these questions and try to remove “bugs” if they meet while testing. Software application testing is very important to see what customers feel while using your application. Therefore, many companies conduct usability testing practices. The main motto of usability testing is to offer users a seamless experience by polishing UI and UX.

Poor user interface damages your company’s reputation. You need to contain parameters like features and functionality, layout and design, installation, and load testing for perfect usability testing. However, it is advisable to practice UI/UX during the development cycle, giving you impressive results. 


To Detect Errors

Your product is not loading quickly. 

It stops working for a while 

It does not let me log in

These are the common issues faced by users while they actually use your product. Thus, it is important to test the product twice before it goes into the end-user hands. No matter how many development hours you have spent but if there is a possibility of glitches, it will cost you more. Testing will lead to better performance of the product and help you find errors quickly. 

Even a single small error can ruin your company’s image in the market, and you know how tough it is to regain a customer once they go. Therefore, it’s better to test the product as it makes it easy to sell the product to users. 

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

The primary goal of any entrepreneur is to deliver the best user experience. This is why it is essential to opt for application testing as it will detect the error before customers face it. 

However, it is a time-consuming process, but you need to test the product to gain customer’s trust. In this way, you will go to reap multiple benefits. Earning the users’ trust is not easy in a neck-to-neck competitive market, but software testing helps you win the trust and accomplish all the customer’s requirements. 

Let’s Review

The list does not end here. There are many benefits of conducting software testing for mobility solutions. In the end, your main aim is for more people to use your app. Software testing will let you stand out in the market, save money from the customer’s complaints, and allow you to gain high prominence in the long-run. 

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