Software development practices change over time, so do the tools and technologies. Such changes aim to improve productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, to tackle ever-shorten delivery time, and to deliver successful…
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A Comparison of Automated Testing Tools

Dr. Vu Nguyen - Director of Software Engineering at KMS Technology

A defining factor for successfully applying test automation in software projects is choosing and using the right set of test automation tools. This is a daunting task, especially for those…
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Do you need some help with Selenium Expected conditions? You need custom expected conditions when the built-in Selenium WebDriver expected conditions are not sufficient for creating complex conditions. Short review…
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The Selenium Guidebook

Dave Haeffner

The book  ‘The Selenium Guidebook‘ is not a full and comprehensive treatise that outlines every possible permutation of Selenium (the open-source software test automation tool for web applications). There are other books that already…
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Using Selenium 3.0

Simon Stewart

In this webinar, Simon Stewart highlights how to use the brand new Selenium 3.0 and well as discusses some of the changes that have been implemented since Selenium 2.0 He also looks at: What will…
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