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Alternatives to Selenium – Handling Chrome Extensions in Automation

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I have recently got to work with a project, where the main part of the application is to adding and working with chrome extension, and we had to automate this part. As you know, it is easy to add a chrome extension using Selenium, but it was challenging to find a work around to click on the extension, select one of the options displayed and work on it. That made me think about alternatives to Selenium and what other options were out there to choose from.

So I decided to go looking for some Selenium alternatives for testing.

Alternatives to Selenium

As we were looking for an alternative, I come across “Sikuli” which was very interesting to work with. This uses image recognition, to identify an object, and performs the actions, but this is something similar to human actions, as we can see the mouse moving while the script is getting executed.Sikuli alternatives to selenium

We will have to feed in the image of the object on which we want Sikuli to perform, and use skiuli functions like click, drag etc. to perform the desired actions.

For those who have to deal something similar, I would say Sikuli is a cheap and best option, as the source file is open to all. Though AutoIt was our first option, we were unable to identify the Chrome extension using that. If you have an idea of how to perform a similar action using AutoIt, please feel free to comment! Thanks for reading!


About The Author

Aiswaria is an Automation Test Engineer with over 4 years of experience working in Software Testing field. Based in Sydney Aiswaria works for one of the reputed organisations here as an Automation Test Analyst. Aiswaria has extensive experience working with Selenium/ Java, and works with web and mobile applications also. He also has experience in designing and implementing Automation frameworks like Page Object Model, Data Driven and Hybrid (Data and Keyword Driven). His main area of expertise is Selenium/ Java/ TestNg/ Cucumber.

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2 comments to Alternatives to Selenium – Handling Chrome Extensions in Automation

  1. Arni says:

    No way, sikuli is never an option to selenium, If you wanna waste your time taking screenshots of every single element in a web page and maintaining them this is the worst option. If we are talking about apples to apples options QTP or RFT are options. but why an alternative to selenium ??? All the ports and all the frameworks around selenium like nightwhatchjs and robotframework give you all the power of selenium and provide a lot of flexibility. Please never consider to use sikuli do not waste your time

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