On This Day in Technology History: January 24th

Welcome to the latest edition of On This Day where we examine events that occurred on this day in technology history. Apple launch the macintosh and IBM unveil the Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator.


1948 – IBM Unveil the Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator IBM SSEC

In New York city at its headquarters, IBM unveil the Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (SSEC). The computer is the first to combine electronic computation with stored instructions. The machine will also be the first to run a stored programme and will be noted as the last large electromechanical computer to be built.


1984 – Apple Launch the MacintoshMacintosh

At the the annual Apple Computer stockholders meeting Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh. The machine featuring a 64KB ROM, 128KB  (not expandable) RAM  and a 7.83MHz 32-bit Motorola MC68000 processor. The device also comes complete with a built-in 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, mouse, and a built-in nine-inch black and white monitor and retails at $2,495. The operating system is the 216KB System 1, which was derived from LisaDesk. Within seventy-five days of release fifty thousand units will be sold.





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