Blogspy 182: The best from Software Testing Blogs around the World

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy, our round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the last week. This week: Working with Waterfall and Agile, some SOAP UI advice, fear of failure, Google Testing blog is 10 and more.


Conference Speakers Count Too – Bob Galen

Bob shares his thoughts on what Conferences should do to encourage to speakers to want to attend and speak at their events. Do you think his suggestions are valid. Comment below.

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How to SOAP UI: Basic Request And Response Logging – Brendan Connolly

Brendan returns with another blog post on how to get the best out of SOAP UI with a guide on how to complete basic requests and response logging with it. If you are curious about using SOAP UI or want some help with the automation tool, his weekly guides will offer a great source of help.

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Grounding Waterfall and Agile in Reality – Todd Scallan

“Imagining a world where the Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies commingle with ease can be difficult—the former is characterized by careful planning and discrete goals, while the latter is defined by flexibility and iterative targets.”

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8 Broken New Year’s Resolutions You Can Achieve in Software Testing – Alex Baptista

There is still time in the new year to set your goals for 2017. Here in a novel approach, Alex tackles the most new year’s resolutions (e.g. lose weight and get fit) and see’s how these resolutions could be applied to software testing.

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Fear of Failure, Lure of Success – Colin Cherry

Colin explores the paradigm of avoiding failure and trying to reach success. Is short-term success more important that long-term success and do failures teach you more than successes ever can. With examples from his own life, Colin examines these questions.

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Happy 10th Birthday Google Testing Blog – Anthony Vallone

Anthony celebrates ten years of the Google Testing blog with a commemorative post on its influence over the past number of years. He invites readers to do the same and share their stories as well about how the blog has helped them.

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Effective Communication In Software Testing Teams – Raj Subramanian

In a post that gets straight to the point (as you would expect when talking about communication), Raj shares his tips and experience on getting communication right in a testing team.

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My experience working remote – Avinash Shetty

What can the effect of working remotely have on workers? Here Avinash share his experience of working from home and offers tips on how to get the right setup for working from home including environment, noise and communication.

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