Blogspy 181: The best of Software Testing Blog Posts around the World

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy, our round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the last week. This week: Famous Computer bugs, looking back on 2016, Testers to follow on Twitter and more.


33 test automation leaders to follow on Twitter – Joe Colantonio

Based on the numerous interviews he has done for his TestTalks podcast, Joe features 33 Test Automation experts that he recommends following on Twitter.
Read More on the Test Automation Leaders you should follow on Twitter here


3 Reasons why you Should Invest In API Testing – Prashant Hegde

Have you thought about learning more about API Testing? In this succient post, be guided through what is API testing, the benefits of API testing and why it could be worth your time.

Read More about API Testing here


2016 in Review – Lee Hawkins

Lee looks back on his year in testing, on the events he has attended including the Conferences and local meet-ups he has managed to get to over the course of 2016.

Read More here


Now I Know Why They Begged Me To Take The Job – Liz Ryan

A cautionary tale on doing your research before moving into a new role. Liz shares the story of Brian who was offered and accepted a new role as a software tester but all was not as it seems in the Dev team when he started his new role.

Read More here


10 Famous Computer Bugs – Vijay Prabhu

A listicle that everyone can enjoy and debate. We have featured those Top 10 Bugs before in our round-up. Here are 10 famous Computer bugs that have made a big impact.

Read More about 10 Famous Computer Bugs here


Three Ways To Use Agile That Have Nothing To Do With Software Development – Alex Cowan

Did you think the Agile was only for the software development process? Well it seems that Agile has been applied to a lot of other areas. Alex describes a few areas where it has happened.

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