Blogspy 180: Compiling the best Software Testing Blogs around the World

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Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy, our round-up of the best software testing blogs and blog posts from the last week. This week we share stories on the unautomated tester, fixing Agile teams, Agile metrics and more.

How to fix agile teams that are notoriously bad at hitting release dates – Dr. Sven Jungmann & Alex Loijos

In a insightful article on getting your Agile team right, the idea of using reference class forecasting to end overspends and project delays is explored. Does it work? You will have to read on to find if so.

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The non-manual, unautomated tester – Viktor Slavchev

Viktor delves into the dictothomy of manual and automation testing. Can you be one but not the other? Viktor explains why he thinks the answer to that is no.

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Writing Test Notes To User Stories (in JIRA) – Aleksis Tulonen

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BDD Without The Three Amigos: Maybe Talking To Yourself Isn’t So Bad – Angie Jones

BDD adaption by the whole development team can be rare. Here Angie explores the reasons why it might not work and why only adapting some parts of the BDD process can add more workload to your testing.

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Exploratory Testing with Interactive Fiction – Jeff Nyman

In a long form post, Jeff explores the file of exploratory testing with the aid of interactive fiction;  a form of expression which involves programming such that a reader is presented with a story that can be explored.

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Testing kept up with agile in 2016 – Madison Moore

Madison discusses how the testing industry has changed in 2016 and examines what we should expect for 2017.

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Agile Metrics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Stefan Wolpers

 So what are the metrics that you need to be aware of when testing in Agile? Stefan showcases some good Agile metrics to use and some not so good ones to avoid.
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