Software Testing News: 21st – 28th January 2016

Welcome to our weekly software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the world of software testing. We feature some of software testing latest articles. This week Facebook biggest bounty payout, Tricentis land a big deal, More test automation please and more.


Tricentis Take A Step UpTricentis

On Monday, the company said it will receive $165 million in financing from Insight Venture Partners, a software-focused private equity firm based in New York

A report from Fortune on the how Tricentis are about to challenge the big players in the testing industry with the announcement of funding for the company. The company is a European leader in automating how big businesses test and deploy software and now plans to tackle the U.S. market with this funding. Read More about Tricentis here


STAReast Announces ProgrammeImage result for stareast

One of the longest running software testing conferences, STAReast has just announced its programme for 2017 taking place from May 7th at Orlando in Florida. The event will feature speakers such as Isabel Evans, Michael Bolton, Jennifer Bonnie, Bob Galen, Jason Arbon and more. Read More about STAReast here


HealthCare Industry Needs More Test Automation

Testing teams in a breadth of industries face the same issues in deploying tools and providing internal training fast enough to meet the needs of continuous software deployment. Based on our report, investments in these two areas in 2017 will enable critical automated testing to perfect the agile workflow and deploy software faster to meet consumer demand for updates in innovative technology.

The Healthcare industry saw a 5% increase in need for automated software testing in 2016. That is according to the latest report from Zephyr on its annual survey of customers in over 100 countries. The report suggests there is a bigger demand for automation testing in the industry as a whole. Read More here


Google Pixel Problem still OngoingImage result for google pixel

Despite the volume problems, the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have been two of the most popular Android handsets.”

Google have had an issues with the volume on its Pixel phones for quite a while. We reported on it previously here. In an interesting report, Phone Arena publishes a conversation between a Pixel user and Google rep on the issues with the phone and when they might be fixed. Read More here



Facebook Big Bountyfacebook

Facebook paid Andrew Leonov, a Russian security researcher, $40,000 for discovering that Facebook was susceptible to a “remote code execution” flaw in ImageMagick

Facebook has paid out its biggest bounty so far. The $40,000 was paid to Russian Andrew Leonov for discovering that the platform could be hacked via a flaw in the photo tweaking software ImageMagick. The vulnerability would allow a user to hide compromising code in images uploaded to the site.  Read More about the Facebook Bug here





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