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    So today marks the start of TEST Huddle’s birthday celebrations. We are celebrating our birthday though by giving you the presents but you have to do something for it…

    This is a True Or False Thread. It’s very simple.
    State one fact about yourself below. It can be true or false. We will pick out our favourites and the winners will receive an Amazon Voucher. We may even have multiple winners depending on entries.

    Obviously the crazier the statement the better and if it’s the truth, well that might be even better! If you want to guess if others statements are true or not, please do.


    I’ll kick us off:

    As a child I had an operation to remove cartilage from my thumb because it was locked in a thumbs-up position.


    I once beat Robert Downey Jr. in an Iron Man look-alike competition.


    My best True Or False was already featured in the EuroSTAR 2014 – A Year In Review eBook, so I’ll have to come up with a new one!

    True or False: As a teenager I was a budding scriptwriter, and submitted several sample scripts to the writers of Friends.


    I’m going to guess false for Ronan and Craig. True for Neil!

    Since I’m feeling the festive mood I’ll give three, only one is true:

    1) I have a scar due to being bitten by a two-legged dog.
    2) While engaged in the act of love, an international rugby player jumped out of a nearby wardrobe.
    3) While living abroad I was an extremely popular individual and confused for being famous as I claimed I was a professional footballer.


    Hi guys,
    when I enter a bar I always order this list:

    a beer.
    0 beers.
    999999999 beers.
    a dog.
    -1 beers.
    a vrtesgsg





    OK, I’ll take a shot at these…

    Ronan – TRUE
    Craig – FALSE
    Nicholas – I guess that #1 is true?
    Camal – I hope you’re not also testing payment integration when you’re ordering 999999999 beers! :mrgreen:


    Hi Guys!

    I’m going to take Nicholas’ lead and give 3 but I won’t say how many are true/false:-

    a) As a toddler, I had a tantrum which involved me throwing my Tonka digger through my bedroom door and making a big hole in it.
    b) I never made it to a Kings of Leon concert, as I was involved in a car crash on the motorway on the way back from my best friend’s Dad’s funeral.
    c) At University I went on a “rebel” tour of Amsterdam, in which we were banned from playing football by the University Dean, following previous reports from an opposition University that we had turned up drunk for a match.

    I’ll go for:

    Ronan, Craig & Neil all true.
    Nicholas 3) (I think 2 is just a weird fantasy)
    Camal – it has to be “a dog”.


    I’ll take a punt on:

    Ronan – true (the thumb ocassionally pops up in the office)
    Craig – false, you look nothing like Iron Man (from your avatar)
    Neil – true (studied as a journalist if I remember correctly)
    Camal – I’ll sit on the fence for this one…

    What about this:

    I had my home searched by the US Secret Service…..


    I had a trial with Liverpool FC at the age of 14. Kenny Dalglish was the manager at the time, and he had to choose between signing me or Steve McManaman…


    this sounds like fun πŸ™‚

    One of these is wrong:

    a) Before I became a software tester, I was a professional mattress tester.

    b) I cannot smell.

    c) There are more programming languages than human languages on my CV.


    My uncle Jim played the bass in Slade.


    At my first testing job I had a huge communal laundry grade washing machine with additional dryer standing by my desk for testing purposes.


    Paul – I’m going true.
    Steve – true – King Kenny made the wrong decision and we would definitely have got more sense from you as a pundit on BT Sport. YNWA – get Stevie G to Wembley on his birthday!
    Christian – tough one – I’m going for c).
    James – Would that be Uncle Jim Lea? Bet I know what gets played at Christmas in your house πŸ˜‰
    Magnus – Would like to think that is true.


    @martin I ould have to agree with your thoughts there.

    @steve As a Liverpool fan, I do hope that story is true.

    My story is true. Had to have surgery on the two thumbs. People thought I was a very happy child going round with my two thumbs up all the time!


    @martin, yep it’s true 😯

    What’s your true or false?

    @steve – true?

    @christian, I’ll go b) as the truth

    @james, that’s pretty random, so it must be true

    @magnus, true? Pretty convenient for getting your laundry done at work though?


    nice and interesting thread in here.

    well here goes mine:

    I went bungee jumping in the Himalayas at 19.


    – @Hannah True?
    @james True
    @christian C is false?
    – @Steve False


    What’s your guess @Magnus?


    @Hannah That it’s true


    Ok Magnus.

    Any other? I will give the answer later. Want to know others take πŸ˜‰


    Mine was false. There is some truth in it though, RDJ did come second in an Iron Man look-alike contest.


    ok..so mine is false πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


    Mine was true, however, the washer and dryer was not connected to water or drainage, ending the posibility to do laundry at work :/


    Mine was false, unfortunately for me…it did happen to a friend of mine though, so I pinched the story from him! πŸ˜‰


    All of mine were true by the way!!!


    I had a trial with Liverpool FC at the age of 14. Kenny Dalglish was the manager at the time, and he had to choose between signing me or Steve McManaman…

    Congrats Steve. You have been selected as the winner. I’ll be in touch shortly.


    Wow, thank you!

    This makes up for my failed career as a Premier League footballer!! πŸ˜†


    that’s a worthy choice I think πŸ™‚ Congratulations, Steve.

    (PS c was wrong)

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