Featured Members: Afreen Hossain, Martin Mae, Michal Krukowski and Nick Malden

Last time we got to know Andrew O’ GormanNeil StuddPini ReznikEmma Keaveny and Albert Witteveen.

This week I am featuring a few more members for you to get to know.

Afreen Hossain

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Afreen hails from Bangladesh and is currently working for Jantrik Technologies Limited where she works as a Test Lead. She has just started a testing related blog labeled simply Afreen’s Blog. You can read her first post here. Best of luck with it Afreen.

Martin Mäe

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Martin recently joined the community at TESTHuddle. He is from Estonia and currently works for Nortel as a software tester. He currently works in the international side with countries like Nigeria, Botswana and Oman. Martin introduced himself to the community in the aptly titled “Introduce Yourself!” discussion in the Off-Topic Forum. If you are new to TESTHuddle, it’s the best way to let the community know who you are and how you came to software testing.


Michał Krukowski

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Michal is another recently joined member of  TESTHuddle. He came into testing it seems by accident. Reading his post in the “How Did You Get Involved In Testing” Discussion would suggest Michal fell into the testing world for as he puts it, for holiday cash and stable employment for than anything. He  however has settled into the career and started enjoying this work and its challenges. He was also involved in mediating the “tester-developer war” at his former workplace. He has since moved on to a smaller company and is happy to report that there is no signs of any  “tester-developer war” happening soon.


Nick Malden

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Nick is a test manager working for Kamstrup based in Skanderborg in Denmark. Nick has recently commented on the Accommodation Topic in the EuroSTAR Attendees Forum on TESTHuddle. He and a group of his co-workers are staying at the Academy Plaza Hotel for the event. You can find out what the most common places for accommodation are and recommendations for places to stay by joining the discussion here.

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