On This Day – August 20th

The first Google Doodle, an end to Betamax and a Ian Howles presentation. All on today’s On This Day from TestHuddle.


1998 – Google Doodle AppearsgoogleburningMan

As The first Google Doodle appeared on Google’s web page to celebrate burning man. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were attending the Burning Man Festival in Nevada and wanted to show their attendance with a change in the logo, with the other intention that they were out of the office. Doodles did not become a common occurrence on the search engine until 2002.



 2002 – Sony announce an end to BetamaxBetamax

Once the rival for VHS in the early 1980’s, Sony announces the end of production of Betamax video-cassette recorders. Only 2,000 units were produced for the Japanese market. Betamax had more success in Japan than its rival VHS which was produced by JVC that became popular in the rest of the world.



2009 –  Ian Howles on Testing  Ian Howles

On this day in 2009, Ian Howles presents a 45 minute webinar on Exploring the Relationships Between Testing ROI, Testing Risk and Testing Maturity which aims to examine the links between the three items, the context of each and how they impact each other. Everyone has heard and understands that early testing is cost efficient but in order to realise the ROI of early testing the exercising organisation(s) need to have reached a level of maturity. There are many complex inter dependencies that are rarely exposed to ensure that the simple “Test Early, Reduce Costs” mantra is met. View the Webinar here.




If you would like to add anything to these events, or know of other significant technology events that happened on this day in history, feel free to comment below.


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