Most Common Online Security Threats and Solutions

As a software tester you are probably aware of the many online security threats out there. It is no secret that severe cyber security attacks are on the increase. Businesses are losing their reputation and a lot of money in the process. As it was written at mysql cloud backup, this happens because of lack of awareness of the common online security attacks and their solutions. Read this article for insights.

The commonest online security threats are:


Viruses are designed to destroy core systems in your computer. You will lose critical data or have dysfunctional networks. A virus is normally attached to a host file and can be dormant until activated in an event. Closely associated with viruses are worms, which may infect files using macros. They form a building block for cyber attacks and as such, you must find the ideal solution.

An anti-virus solution is sufficient to avoid contracting viruses and preventing their spread. The comprehensive solutions can detect the threats and notify you immediately. Always ensure that the software is up-to-date for maximum protection.



Also known as malicious software, the threats are intrusive and hostile programs that are designed to attack the system. They include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and malicious rootkits. The solution to the threat is to find software to detect the programs. Also, be educated on how to detect and avoid them.



Here, attackers tend to masquerade as authentic people. You will trust them easily yet their motive is to steal sensitive data and use it to their advantage.  Use of messages and emails for the process is common.

To solve this problem, learn how to identify legitimate and phishing messages. Avoid opening email attachments or reading messages if you are aware of the source. An antivirus solution can also be useful in detecting some of the threats.


Many people do not think that spam or unwanted messages in emails are harmful. However, they can contain harmful links that can connect your system to a malicious site, once you click on to them. Always get rid of these emails to avoid the attacks. In any case, you will free up space to store important business or personal information.


Distributed Denial of Service Attack

This involves a group of computers that are utilized by an attacker to flood a network or server with traffic. You will find it difficult to access services in a site. The most disturbing aspect of this threat is that people or businesses that are not targeted can be attacked if they use the servers.

To solve the problem, ensure that your systems are up-to-date and secure. Some software can be used to identify the source of malicious traffic and filter them in time. Monitoring your systems regularly is also helpful. Moreover, you must have a proper recovery plan which involves proper communication with the employees and clients about the disruption. Data backup is also fundamental.


Malicious Insiders

It has been disclosed that most of the successful online cyber attackers are successful because of the co-operation between outsiders and employees. They can compromise systems and provide sensitive data to the extent that businesses find it difficult to recover the losses.

The best way to solve this problem is to ensure that few people can access sensitive data in a company. Use of passwords and data encryption is vital in this regard. Further, establish a culture of honesty and further come up with incentives for workers to report such a case. The whistleblowers, for instance, can be rewarded and protected. The malicious insider’s privilege to access data must be revoked immediately



In a time when companies are opting to advertise products online, you will come across numerous adverts on your mail and websites. Some of the adverts can be downloaded without your consent and, therefore, considered malicious. These work in the same way as spyware, which records your personal information for activities such as identity theft. The solution lies in your ability to protect personal information using passwords. Also, read the terms and conditions provided by an advertising company thoroughly.


The Bottom Line

While there are many types of online security threats, there are software and tools to help you through. Combine different options for maximum security of data. Professional audits and consultations are also necessary.

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