The Challenges of Testing in a Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud computing is the new invention of technology. It is taking the online industry by storm. Whether you have to store a huge amount of data online or to access the data from anywhere around the world, cloud computing comes to your rescue. What is cloud computing? It is nothing but a virtual environment where you can store, use, access, and transfer data, anytime and anywhere. The entrepreneur world is swiftly moving towards cloud computing considering the sped, accessibility, flexibility, recovery, management services it offers. Above all it is environment-friendly.

You are on a cloud. Now you can make a bank transaction while in the train, mail important documents to clients even outside the office premises. Cloud computing has significantly made all these possible. There are various advantages of using cloud computing like:

  • It reduces the capital including the labour cost
  • Improves the service quality and ensures the least defect.



What is Cloud Testing?

Cloud testing is basically software testing of the cloud-based apps in a cloud-based environment to check for its scalability, functionality, and efficiency in the real-world scenarios.
However, on one hand, where the IT industry is using the benefits of cloud, on the other, there are many companies who aren’t venturing into the cloud. The challenges of testing in a cloud-based environment is the major factor why organizations are backing out from using this technology.


A potential user will first demand safety of his or her data when using these cloud-based apps. It has been noticed that the security of data is one crucial problem in the cloud environment. The users should be able to carry out secure testing of their important data without any foreign invasion, or breaching of privacy. The system is being upgraded constantly to ensure reliable and safe testing.

Another drawback of this outsourcing on the cloud is that the vendors are not knowledgeable about the industry standards. This could create testing issues in the sectors like education, healthcare, or banking. Outsourcing to those vendors who have sufficient information about the space they are using can be a relief to the companies. They can securely test their applications without any harm or leakage of information. Also, required support could be guaranteed by these third-parties when testing.


Since most of the cloud-based tools are handled by third-parties, the companies resist moving their business applications to the cloud. There is a constant concern for the performance, functioning, accessibility, and overall efficiency of services. If you are moving a major chunk of your business on the cloud you won’t accept a delay in the services. The vendors must assure timely delivery of services. To learn about the reliable vendor’s companies can seek help from the Java assignment help online experts who provide a list of competent vendors in the commercial industry. These experts can lead you to a reliable source having strong Service Level Agreement (SLA) and maintaining proper infrastructure to optimize timely service. They will also enlighten you about the elementary aspects of testing in a cloud-based environment.

The organizations should choose a trustworthy vendor to avoid these complications in service.


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Integration Testing

Some applications require to connect with other cloud-based application in the testing process. Suppose one application is already running and is integrated with another application in productivity. This could slower the business and cause hassle on interoperations of these two applications on the cloud.

Testing diverse components on the cloud is a bigger challenge. Testing requires certain conditions so the challenge is to evaluate all these conditions, and also identify where the problem exists while testing diverse components of different geographies.

Return on Investment Estimation (ROI)

Although cloud services promise a higher ROI to the consumers, the companies remain doubtful of the profit they would gain when entering the cloud environment for their business. This could be adjusted by identifying the company’s profitability objective of diving into the cloud system. A quick analysis of the incurred profit and loss if QA Testing on the cloud software can be a solution.

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Cloud testing techniques can be improved upon by working on the existing challenges. This could be done by developing the testing environment. An adequate control of the testing environment is required, a proper configuration of testing issues commonly faced like storage, security etc. need to be done. Also, the tester ought to assure safe testing on the internet having no threat of data leakage. A continues backup data plan is a must to avoid any data discrepancy or data loss in the testing process.

Cloud testing requires strong dependability. If the companies and users are given invulnerable security cloud computing is the most convenient way to grow business today. For a completive gain in the marketplace, it is a higher technology to use. If the above-mentioned testing challenges are fixed, then cloud computing will prove to be a huge business success.

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