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Here we go again! Right on schedule, every Monday we are spying the world wide web in order to find great and fresh software testing news on other sites. This week we have selected really good ones. Enjoy!


Hidden in Plain Sight- Using Dev Tools to Find Security Flaws | TheThinkingTester

Kristin Jackvony is a great Software Test Engineer. In her blog post she talks about the 3 security flaws you can find in an application by using the browser’s developer tools.  These flaws could be exploited by an average user of your application.

Read the full article here


WCAG 2.1 web accessibility Guidelines Have Landed | QualityIsKing

As Peter Gould, the author, describes himself – he is a Test Analyst with an obsession for quality. In this article, Peter wrote about what’s covered in WCAG 2.0 and what is new in WCAG 2.1

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TeamSTAR 2018 – What it is and How to Enter | EuroSTAR

TeamSTAR is a competition which is held every year. Testing Teams from all around the world can register for this competition in order to win 4 tickets to our software testing conference this year. All materials will be provided by EuroSTAR. This blog post give detailed information on how to enter.

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10,000+ synonyms for Quality Assurance | GregoryTesting

How can you describe the status between when work is passed “code review” but not yet “done”. The one thing that Gregory didn’t want to call it was “In QA”. Here in his blog post Gregory brainstorms ideas for a better name for QA.

Read the full article here


Getting Started in Automation – Making Excel Tables | TheRamblingTester

The Rambling Tester is a good blog for anyone who is a beginner in automation. This article we wanted to mention in this week’s BlogSPY as because it’s an easy to learn tutorial for Automation Testers.

Read the full article here


These blog posts have been selected for this week. But maybe there are a few more that should have been up there that you know about? Let us know!

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