BlogSPY 248 – Collection of Software Testing News

Welcome to yet another BlogSPY on Huddle! Every week we are checking out the world wide web and looking for interesting blogs to follow. Here are our top picks for software testing news!


Distributing Desktop webapps via Docker |

In this article, Nicolas Frankel Now writes about how to distribute desktop webApps via an open platform for developers called Docker . It also highlights how Docker is a good way to distribute servlet-embedded webapps.

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The Life of a Software Tester | EuroSTAR Blog

This article is a summary of what a typical day of a software tester looks like. The challenges being faced and the overall responsibilities during a normal day in a Software tester’s world.

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Building PWA With Polymer 3, Web Components and Java EE 8 Backend |

Adam has been working with Java since 1995 and is highly experienced in this field. Read his article which contains information on the implementation, build and deployment of a Java EE 8HTTP/JSON endpoint and more.

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Can I use a builder to build many objects? |RandomThoughtOnJavaProgramming

The owner of this blog seems to be interested in sharing his thoughts on all things Java related. In this blog post he is talking about using a builder to make multiple objects.

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In case you missed last week’s collection of software testing news here is where you can find it. If you have any great software testing blogs you think we should have on the list, let us know!



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