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Welcome to the latest edition of BlogSpy. Stay updated with our testing blog round-up, every week we are listing cool blogs with great software testing news. Here’s our next batch!


Kat’s Short Guide To JS Devops Ecosystem 

Anyone who uses npm is automatically allowing usually-unreviewed arbitrary remote code execution. In this blog post, Kat is explaining this topic little bit further.

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Hindsight lessons about automation: The triple A principle

Based on his experienced, Viktor Slavchev talks about automation and the lessons learnt, explains what AAA principle is and more.

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What did 100 people say about their Tester – Developer Collaboration? 

This is a great read on how to improve team collaboration between testers and developers. Questions were asked around on what good experiences people have to share. See what 100 people have said about this.

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Visualize Work to Reduce Agile Meetings

In this article Johanna talks about how you can reduce the meetings you have previously visualized your work before the meeting. And, changes as your team changes its flow.

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7 Steps To Tackle Mobile App Development Challenges

What are the essential Mobile App development challenges. In this post we delve into the challenges and offer 7 things to do to avoid them.

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Test Manager Role: How To Get The Best Out Of Time And Resources

What are the basics of the test manager role and how do you get the best out of the available resources? Oyvind, the author of this post and an experienced test manager discusses in detail here.

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