The TEST Huddle 1st Birthday Party – 7th/8th April 2015

Did you know? Test Huddle is officially turning one year old, wow! We have achieved so much in the past year. We have over two and a half thousand members and still growing. We have created a catalogue of great webinars, presentations, ebooks and blog posts that offer some great benefit to the TEST Huddle community.

Welcome to the Birthday Party. Stay tuned here for regular updates on what’s happening throughout the day.





Update 16:00: That’s a wrap for our very first birthday celebration. Winners of all prizes will be notified by email. We will publish a list of winners too tomorrow. Thank you for taking part in what was a very joyous celebration.

Update 09:00: We’ll keep the competitions in the forum (True/False and Wish Us Happy Birthday) open until 12pm today so there is still time to win


Update 20:00: You can now review the recording of the Awards ceremony here.

Update 16:15: The Second of our treasure Hunts is ready to go. Best of Luck. Details here.

Update 16:00: You can view tonight’s Awards ceremony here

Update 14:00: The TEST Huddle Hangout will be happening in an hour. You can view it here.

Update 13:10: The TEST Huddle Treasure Hunt has been won. We will have a new one at 4pm. Details here.

Update 13:00: The fifth of our Soap Box sessions to be released is here by Martin Pol

Update 11:30: The TEST Huddle Treasure Hunt is now live. Learn how to take part here.

Update 11:00: The 4th of our Soap Box sessions have been released. It’s Manfred Baumgarten on gender in testing

Update 10:40: The TEST Huddle Treasure Hunt is set to take place from 11:30. Details to follow.

Update 09:00: Good Morning. The Games Room is open again with updated games including Marbles and Pucked.



Update 16:40: The True/False thread is still happening. Tell us something (true or false) about yourself to win a prize.

Update 15:40: Register here for tomorrow nights TEST Huddle Awards Ceremony.

Update 15:00: The final Soap Box session for today is Peter Morgan’s description of the Best Tester he ever worked with.

Update 13:00: The second of our Soap Box sessions to be released is here. Here what Graham Freeburn has to say on Quality in Testing

Update 11:00: The 1st of our Soap Box sessions have been released. Check out Janet Gregory’s speaking on testing in Agile

Update 09:50: Unfortunately the Hangout today has been cancelled. The Good news is that it’s being re-scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm

Update 09:10: Our first Birthday thread where you could win prizes is open. Try the True Or False Thread.

Update 09:00: The Games Room is open


A Plethora of Resources

Since its launch last year, TEST Huddle has become a home for top quality ebooks, webinars, podcasts, blog posts and more.


Your Online Community

The TEST Huddle community forum has steadily grown in the past twelve months. When TEST Huddle began, we weren’t sure whether the development of the online community would be attractive to software testing. Our expectation have been exceeded with the growth of the community. Currently we have over two and a half thousand members. We currently have four peer moderators in the community; testers who care about testing. With new conversations and threads appearing daily, the community is growing day by day.


Our Birthday Partyhappy birthday

So down to the celebrations. Our official birthday party will happen from Tuesday 7th to Wednesday 8th April. Over two days, we will feature some great talks from the Community Hub at EuroSTAR 2014. THere will be prizes, a games room, an Awards ceremony and plenty of prizes.


What’s Going to Happen?

First off, it might be our birthday but we are giving away the presents. We have loads of vouchers and other stuff to give away to our members over the course of the two days. Read about how you can be a birthday winner below.


Day 1 – Tuesday 7th April

09:00Games Room is Open: Hit the arcades like you did when you were younger and try a few of the puzzle games we have.
09:00 The True or False Thread. Tell a fact About yourself. The best ones win prizes.
11:00 Release of 1st Soapbox Session from EuroSTAR 2014
13:00Release of 2nd Soapbox Session from EuroSTAR 2014
15:00 Release of 3rd Soapbox Session from EuroSTAR 2014



Day 2 – Wednesday 8th April

09:00Games Room Open:  Hit the arcades with some great puzzle and RPG games to try out. There will be some new additions too.
10:00 – 17:00Wish Us Happy Birthday in your Native Language to win a prize
10:00 – 16:00The Treasure Hunt Competition
 11:00 Release of 4th Soapbox Session from EuroSTAR 2014
13:00Release of 5th Soapbox Session from EuroSTAR 2014
15:00Hangout: The importance of Community for software testers
19:00The First TEST Huddle Awards Ceremony



SoapBox Sessions

At EuroSTAR 2014, as part of the Community Hub, a number of speakers gave  five minute soapbox sessions on different aspects of testing for the benefit of the community. We at TEST Huddle recorded them and have been waiting for a special occasion to release them. Theses soapbox sessions feature talks by speakers and delegates at EuroSTAR 2014 on a host of topics. The speakers include Janet GregoryFiona Charles (Quality Intelligence Inc.), Graham Freeburn (Sopra), Peter Morgan (NiceMove), Steve Allott (Capita), and Manfred Baumgarten (Anecon)

They will be released each day of our Celebrations at 11am and 3pm.


Google Hangout – Why is Community Important

On Wednesday we will feature a Hangout  on the importance of community and communication with other testers for software testers. Hosted by Daragh, the hangout will feature a few special guests and will offer you the opportunity to discuss what the software testing community means to you.

The 1st Test Huddle Awards Ceremonyawards

                                                                      To celebrate our first year as a testing community, we will be hosting an awards ceremony on Wednesday April 8th at 7pm GMT.                                                                                                    Some of the awards that will be given out on the night include:

Comment of The Year

Thread of The Year

Most Appearance at a Webinar

Most popular Thread of the Year

The Best About Me Profile

Avatar of the Year


We will be giving away loads of prizes over the two days. On Tuesday, on TEST Huddle there will be two threads especially for the special event where you have the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes. We won’t reveal just yet what those threads might be. Wednesday will see a Treasure Hunt competition on TEST Huddle. On both Tuesday  and Wednesday there will be a Twitter giveaway and lots more.

Games Room


Over the two days of the Birthday, Test Huddle will feature a games room for you to enjoy. It’s just like any birthday party at the arcade expect these games are free.

Stay Tuned for More

Stay tuned to this page for an updated schedule and also follow the build up to our birthday with TEST Huddle on Twitter.

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