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    The second of our Giveaway threads for our birthday.

    See as the members of TEST Huddle are a very international bunch. We have members from over 50 countries. To celebrate the international community we want you to wish us Happy Birthday in your native language.

    We will pick one person at random tomorrow morning to win a prize.


    I’ll kick us off:

    Lá Breithe sona TEST Huddle


    Gefeliciteerd Testhuddle, met je 1 jarig bestaan (Dutch)


    Happy Birthday in Klingon


    @Neil Very clever. Yes Klingon is accepted as a language on TEST Huddle.


    Afehyia pa TestHuddle (Twi)


    Happy Birthday!

    …though since English is boring you can have my adopted country:

    생일축하합니다 (Korean)


    Furaha ya siku ya ukuzaliwa TestHuddle! (Swahili)


    muthenya waguciaruo muega [Kikuyu]


    Janmadina subhakankshalu [Telugu]

    జన్మదిన (పుట్టిన రోజు) శుభాకాంక్షలు


    Congrats to our winner @Hannah. I will be in touch shortly


    மனமார்ந்த பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.


    Wszystkiego Najlepszego TEST Huddle!


    <h1 style=”font-family: ‘Trebuchet MS’, ‘Lucida Grande’, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 1.6em; margin: 30px 0px 0px;”>La mulți ani Test Huddle! (Romanian)</h1>


    Happy birthday Eurostar!

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