5 Automated Software Testing Tools To Try in 2022

What’s the role of automation testing in software efficacy? It is evident that a perfect and ERP solution stays incomplete unless it passes the automation testing stage. Testing is an integral part of software management and ensures that the product is error-free to procure desirable outcomes. Keep sneaking through this software blog for roundabout information on automation software testing tools and their eminence in the technological world!


What Does Automation Testing Mean?

Elimination of human intervention for software testing is the crucial role played by different types of software testing solutions. Infusion of automation testing for monitoring and evaluating the software tools is driving the world towards a new tech-based era where machines handle maximum tasks.


Tools for automation testing software retrieve results based on the test cases and their resultant outcomes to manage its execution. Along with providing insightful reports on the ERP solution, the testing tool also analyses its execution and dependency for long term use. Another goal is to deduct the scope of errors that might ruin the user experience at the end.


5 Automated Software Testing Tools For 2022

  1. Katalon- Since its inception in 2015, Katalon has shown consistent results as a good quality free-licensed cross-browser tool that augment automated testing of website interfaces, APIs and various mobile devices. Katalon features an array of features like test recording, offering analysis reports and simplifying UI Test scripts without the need for a code. Katalon also benefits from the deployment of Windows, Linux and macOS. Even less tech-savvy users having minimal coding knowledge can perform operations like debugging, scripting with syntax and offering code ideas. It also aids in parallel execution and carrying out remote testing tasks.


  1. Selenium- Next popular choice for automated software testing is Selenium, an open-source framework launched with the Apache License 2.0. Invented by Jason Hugging in 2004, Selenium is a popular software tool that could single-handedly manage multiple testing of web applications. It helps frame tests for all crucial programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, Groovy, PHP, Scala and Perl. It holds prominence in the technological world when it comes to regression testing. It’s not just a single tool but involves multiple components such as the:
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Client API
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Remote Control

Incorporating these tools can offer an overall solution to various types of automated software testing.

  1. LambdaTest- Next contender for the automated testing tool is LambdaTest. It’s a wonderful tool for mobile apps and desktops that allows automated cross-browser testing for over 2000 operating systems, devices and browsers. It also seeks the assistance of the testers to pertain to real-time compatibility testing of browsers. It also allows screen recording as well as screenshot testing simultaneously. LambdaTest also integrates with other tools like Circle CI, Jenkins and Travis CL for effective outcomes.


  1. Ranorex- It is a one-stop solution for automated testing on a host of devices like the desktop, website and mobile. Ranorex has multiple benefits like replaying test phases, codeless test creation, and reusable test scripts. It’s a perfect beginner tool to manage open APIs and the complete IDE. It also integrates with other important tools like TestRail, Bamboo and Git. Users can assure shared object repository and the identification with its use. It can help in saving a good amount of time.


  1. Appium- You can count on this ERP solution testing tool for the open-source framework that supports several programming languages like PHP, Java, Python and JavaScript. It’s a perfect pick for complying with writing tests and integrating several other tools. Outlook of Appium is client-server based allows code reuse through cross-platform testing. There’s also a recording option in its interface to allow record gestures for the codes.

Winding Up

Amongst the array of automated testing software available online, you need to make choices depending on your requirements, frameworks and testing condition. With the rising surge for automated software in the Pharma industry, the dependability of these testing tools is also at an all-time peak.

Evaluate the features of every software strategically to identify their ability in performing cross-browser testing efficiently. With the changing dynamics of software use, there’s an urge to increase the testing pace so that the product can be brought to use immediately. It would be worth taking a glance at the upcoming transition in the software industry!


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