Agile 101 – Agile Environment- What Is It?


Nowadays we tend to hear the word “Agile” more often. In our previous article the Huddle team discussed the Agile software development life cycle. Today, however, we want to focus on agile environment as our next step towards learning the basics of agile and software testing.

Agile is a revolutionary working style of the IT industry. It encourages the working team to break the entire product that they are working on into small portions so that the overall project can be developed quicker. More and more companies are switching to using agile management, which is also referred to agile environment. But how exactly does it work?



Agile environment is an environment that focuses on innovation and creativity by having an open mind to change as well as having an adaptive approach to product development.

The additional priorities of agile environment are to develop the product quicker by focusing on factors such as self-organization, focus on outcome over output, effectiveness over output, collaboration over compromise, trust over monitoring, and a few more.


In an agile environment, the team works together to define the strategy and target, whereas in a non-agile workplace this would be the manager’s task. By creating this type of environment, each team member’s approach and efforts are depended on it. More than just being a team member, the person should strive to be a good team player.




To have a successful agile workplace, the team member should have the qualities mentioned below:

  1. Be open minded – this includes being open and flexible to changes
  2. Be a team player– communicate with others in your team. The more information shared in an organization, the more and better thoughts and ideas might emerge from people.
  3. Focus on delivery – a team member should focus on delivering a working application and less focus on providing thorough documentation
  4. Take charge of things – make decisions on your own. It is believed that it helps improve people’s motivation and take full advantages of individual’s talents.
  5. Collaborate more with clients- this means learning about your clients, their queries and problems.
  6. Keep learning – staying still in one place is not what makes an agile environment work. With the ever-changing industrial trends, customer expectations and new technologies, you must continue evolving with it.

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Their attitude and towards sustaining an agile environment is called agile mindset. With the team working together towards achieving goals can create an agile environment. It’s not easy to get there, as it requires a lot of change and a different way of thinking, but the result can be exactly what your business needs. Consider creating this environment in small teams at first and work your way up.


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