5 Software Testing Trends to look out for in 2023

In recent years we’ve seen a lot of changes in software testing, with companies embracing AI/ML learning, testing earlier in the software development life cycle, adopting agile and DevOps practices, and more. However, the need to deliver high-quality, bug-free products hasn’t changed. In fact, ever-accelerating cycles are putting pressure on teams to deliver products to market as quickly as possible. Here are some trends you can look out for to help with your testing goals in 2023.

1. Agile and DevOps

Yes, this is again making the top of the list as a trend. By using a combination of tools, practices, and processes, DevOps helps to integrate development and operational activities, and helps to shorten the software lifecycles. It provides continuous testing by taking any code that’s input and immediately building it and putting it into production. This reduces development time for new software by catching mistakes as they happen. Organizations are adopting agile as a response to rapidly changing requirements, and DevOps as a response to the demand for speed, and to improve the quality of released products. Teams develop and deliver software faster, and this adoption will continue to grow in 2023.


2. Scriptless Automation Testing

We already know companies are releasing products to market at a high velocity, and scriptless automation testing is continuing to grow in popularity because it allows you to automate tests using tools instead of code.  It’s minimal effort to set up, and saves testers from hours of programming. By recording how users interact with the software and reproducing similar behaviors, scriptless automation will know where to begin testing. This helps companies to streamline and scale business operations while expanding testing coverage. Scriptless testing is set to become even more popular in 2023 as companies embrace its flexibility and ability to generate reusable test cases.

3. Artificial Intelligence for Testing

Artificial intelligence (AI) relies on machine learning, and is critical to software testing because of its ability to collect data and learn over time. AI can reduce repetitive tasks in the software testing process and simplify the software development life cycle. With advanced machine learning algorithms, the AI system learns from past executions, optimizes the test cases accordingly, and can generate better test cases, data, and reports. The recent advancements in AI/ML with a large amount of data available offers new opportunities to apply AI/ML in testing. As the trend grows in 2023, we’ll see companies addressing problems such as quality prediction, test case prioritization, fault classification, and more.


4. Mobile Test Automation

It’s no surprise that mobile device testing continues to be one of the biggest trends again this year, with more and more software users accessing applications on phones and tablets. This is only going to keep growing. The trend of automated testing for mobile apps continues to rise, driven by the need to release software to market.  Mobile app testing software can reduce the time needed for the testing process, increase effectiveness, and reduce human errors during test execution. Companies will be empowering teams with mobile application testing tools in 2023.

5. Shift-left Testing

Delivering high quality, low defect, and on-time products within budget is every project manager’s goal, but budget issues and delays are common problems. With shift-left testing, bugs are caught earlier, risks are minimized by testing early and repeatedly, thus saving money and valuable time. By testing in the software development cycle, you can catch problems as soon as they are introduced. Software development teams collaborate to ensure ideas are development properly, avoid repair time and ensuring earlier releases. In 2023, you can expect to increase efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce time to market by embracing shift-left testing.

These are just some of the trends we’re coming across for 2023 – if you have anything you’d like to add, we’d love your input! Drop us a line at [email protected].

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