5 AI Testing Tools Worth Knowing

AI has been our intelligent companion since a long time. This technology is working prominently in every domain. Testing is one of them where artificial intelligence is showcasing an exponential rise. Relying on the time-consuming manual approaches for performing testing is no more a good choice in this digital and fast-growing era. That’s why this article will present the top software to make your testing journey more accessible by gaining your attention towards AI testing tools.     

AI Testing Tools

AI-powered testing tools give away many benefits.

There are innumerable advantages of AI in the field of testing. To better understand its usability, let us look into the top tools as mentioned in the below points-

1. Testim  

It is a modernized tool that operates using artificial intelligence to upscale the quality of tests. Its primary duty is about increasing the rate of tests. Various aspects like maintenance, authoring, and execution play a significant role in automated tests, and AI-based tools help to make it faster. 

Along with it, you can run varieties of tests on multiple browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. Its requirement-based testing and parameterized features make its usability more worthwhile. Bigwigs like Microsoft, Globality, and NetApp are performing tests on Testim. You can run coded, codeless approaches or both using this platform. Developers and testers searching for the right tool to perform tests related to mobile apps and the web can use this tool. 

2. Applitools

Applitools performs testing of every element present on the screen by just writing a one-line code. Here, it uses visual AI to determine the functionality of all the features on multiple devices. Finally, it generates the function report after performing the automated test consisting of screenshots and visual differences. This makes it easier for the entire team to understand it.                  

Rather than performing a separate test, you can integrate the two that give you relaxation from learning a new automation language. It is supported for almost every testing framework and programming language.


3. TestCraft

This tool is developed for performing UI-based testing of web applications. The best part about TestCraft is that it does not require any coding skills that help the testers of any skilled background conduct the test. The AI algorithms fix about 97.4% of alterations in the application.

It saves your money that was spent on external browser labs as it allows cross-browser functionality to execute the test. In addition, TestCraft integrates it with CI/CD to handle repetitive test activities to schedule your test perfectly. Also, you can get the notification of the test results on your daily-used channels like text messaging and emails.  

4. Functionise 

Functionise works on performing smart tests in the cloud-based infrastructure. This gives you relief from the worry of test capacity. It can diagnose test failures speedily using the 1-click SmartFix suggestion. The topmost aspect that gains your attention is that you do not have to worry about the language. Just right in the English language, and the NLP will form cases based on it. 

This allows testers to perform the tests related to the online attendance, expense management solution, web-based payroll solution, travel management application, or other software without remaining dependent on DevOps and the backend team. In addition, this tool uses AL and ML to accelerate the task of test creation, diagnosis, and maintenance.

5.Sauce Labs

It is another tool that uses the cloud to perform various tests. But what is the eye-catching element of this tool? It is compatible to run the test on more than 700 different browser platforms, OS, and emulators at a speedy rate. 

In addition, it runs the test daily to maintain the performance of the application better. It allows both manual and automated testing. Its reliable infrastructure runs well on UI testing frameworks like Appium and Selenium. Also, the open-source code methodology helps the testers and developers for running the web and mobile application tests at a faster rate.           



Artificial intelligence is giving numerous benefits in the testing field, and yet more enhancement will come in it. Therefore, do refer to the top tools mentioned above and learn about the wonders of AI to execute your tests seamlessly.    


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