What Does A QA Engineer do?

When you create quality software, you know that it is unthinkable without proper and complete testing. To carry out such testing, it is necessary to hire talented first-class quality assurance engineers.  Statista shows that, on average, about 23% of their organisation’s annual IT budget was devoted to quality assurance and testing. A good test engineer takes care of the end-user, finds bugs, and eliminates the possibility of encountering them. In this article, we will look at the work of a QA Engineer and find out what does a QA engineer do.

What is the role of a QA Engineer?

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer is a generic term for many people who understand different approaches to testing, including automation, exploratory testing, performance testing, etc.

Test engineers find defects in the system and ensure that the testing requirements are consistent with the testing goals. 

After the test plan is complete, the test engineer writes test cases – called scripts – that describe the input action and the expected response. During the execution of the STE test, the actual result is compared with the outcomes specified in the test case, and the defect is logged if they do not match.


What is a QA engineer responsible for?

Every day in his job, a quality assurance engineer should be able to:

  • clearly know the requirements from the customer and business analyst
  • plan the software testing process
  • write test scripts and cases
  • carry out functional testing
  • identify weaknesses in development and describe them
  • track the life cycle of errors
  • re-test fixed bugs
  • analyse teamwork with programmers
  • maintain test documentation

It follows from this that a good QA understands the logic of the product and knows it inside and out: they thoroughly study the requirements of the project and are always aware of the current state of affairs. 

We can say that a quality engineer is a person who, most of all in the team, knows about the entire product as a whole and how it should work.


Advantages and disadvantages of working in QA engineering?

Any profession has its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of working in QA

  • The job of a quality assurance engineer is attractive because you can make a product better.
  • You are constantly developing and exploring new approaches in testing and data analytics. For example, Forbes writes that it is essential to study automation and add it to testing processes. It allows engineers to simplify testing and improve the long-term ROI on testing.
  • You are the link in the team that knows almost everything about the product and its stages of development. It means that you can have a good salary and several directions for the development of your career.

Disadvantages of a QA position

The main downside of this profession is the monotonous work, especially when you are just starting your career. Most QA engineers note that routine work and work with documentation is the most tedious part of their duties and belongs to the disadvantages of the profession.

Qualities of a Good QA professional

1. Be honest and adamant

Telling code creators that there are bugs in their work is not an easy task. However, this is the only way to make the product genuinely high quality and excellent.

Good QA can help the development team understand that their role ultimately helps them make a good product.

2. Be creative

A sound QA engineer always has a creative approach to planning possible scenarios that could undermine even the most reliable systems. You need QA to test outside the borders to ensure the best products.

3. Be objective

QA engineers contribute to the entire software development process. A software review is just one aspect of this role, but most end users are not interested in code; they are interested in what the application can do. QA’s ability to offer an objective understanding of the validity of any feature/change/application is just as important as the ability to review code. Objectivity refers to eliminating minor flaws or features that will not significantly negatively impact the product but may compromise quality control.


I hope this article gives you an idea of what does a QA engineer do. Finding the right software quality assurance engineers for your team can be the deciding factor between success and failure. Nobody wants to release lousy software, and great QA testers are great teams, terrific software, and excellent products. And if you want your product to be quality tested, you can turn to software testing services and get a team of trusted quality engineers. 

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