Why Should You Choose React Native For Mobile App Development?

The demand for mobile applications is at an all-time high, thanks to the extensive use of smartphones. Businesses want attractive, functional, and feature-filled apps to entice their customers, and they want them fast. This urgency has increased cross-platform app development across a wide range of frameworks. React Native is the most popular among these frameworks, with several big names using it for their applications. These include the likes of Uber Eats, Skype, Tesla, Coinbase, Instagram, and Salesforce. You may be interested in hiring a React Native app development company to build an application for your business. In that case, you will first have to pay close attention to the benefits this platform provides. This blog explains the most significant ones that make React Native the preferable option for mobile app development.

Top Advantages of Choosing React Native App Development

1.    Simplicity

Due to its use of the Facebook UI library, the framework facilitates code creation. Also, mobile app developers find React JS simpler to implement since the code is straightforward and easy to understand.

React Native’s ‘Hot Reload’ feature reduces complexity due to its ability to reload components automatically. This feature allows developers to run new features and maintain the application state simultaneously.

Developing apps will be easier, as app developers can see the code and its impact in real-time. The developer of React Native is less likely to make mistakes since they can see everything while coding.

Developing a ‘bug-free’ code is more likely when mistakes are fewer. Furthermore, ‘hot reload’ allows users to customise and correct code as needed.

2.    Backed By Outstanding Community Support

The presence of thousands of worldwide contributors and the endorsement of market leaders ensures a strong developer community for React Native.

Developers searching for assistance can look through various platforms, such as Stack Overflow, Reddit, and Codementor. The React Native Facebook Group is just as helpful, which means you have plenty of resources to turn to, so you don’t feel stuck and helpless.

3.    Budget-Friendly

Businesses these days require a faster development process and a long-lasting application. A React Native app development company provides a serious advantage as it delivers on both these fronts. Thus, cross-platform app development proves especially useful for budding start-ups with tight budgets.

Additionally, as a startup owner, you can avoid going over budget throughout the process while maintaining a greater market penetration.

4.    Consistent, Seamless Updates

Making the smallest changes can seem quite cumbersome and challenging in native apps. On the other hand, you can update a React Native app with far greater ease, with changes ranging from typos to feature additions.

The reason behind this is the presence of code push that enables automatic runtime updates. Users may even witness the app change while they’re using it, eliminating the need to re-launch it.


5.    Streamlined Debugging

One of the main benefits of choosing this platform for app development is the presence of a single codebase. It simplifies bug detection for both Android and iOS while increasing code reusability. In other words, the app requires a single update for both platforms.

It greatly simplifies the debugging process, shaving off hours of tedious code searches off the developers’ clocks. The entire system requires a single bug resolution to function as it should due to a single codebase.

6.    Immaculate UI

Designers gain the ability to work the way they want with React Native development. It is possible because of the numerous declarative frameworks pre-built into the platform. These and other elements enable developers and designers to design components of their choice.

Moreover, they have the freedom to customise the User Interface according to user preferences. This benefit is extremely important because every user prefers a neat, well-organised, and personalised UX.

7.    Outstanding Performance

End mobile app users can rarely differentiate between Native and React Native apps because of the latter’s at-par performance. The reason behind this is, that React Native applications are actual mobile applications and not related to HTML5, web apps, or hybrid applications in any manner.

It is a necessary difference businesses need to know in order to be able to elevate the performance of their React Native apps. Such applications provide maximum performance when they receive optimisation through Native codes. Furthermore, mobile app developers know exactly what approach to use to turn your app into a market leader.

8.    Results Similar to Native App Development

React Native contains React ideas for stronger mobile app development. It also enables them to deliver the kind of results they would typically get from Native app development.

In addition, the framework has access to the famous ReactJS UI library that Facebook developed. The library enhances app creation, UI, and ReactJS implementation, providing far more productive results.


Final Thoughts

The above advantages should clarify why React Native is one of today’s most popular frameworks. It not only checks all the boxes in terms of features, but also makes coding and debugging simpler for developers.

That said, you’ll need an experienced React Native app development company to ensure desirable results.


About the Author:

Tom Hardy has been working on React Native projects for over five years. He loves exploring the latest frameworks and technologies when he’s not working.

About the Author

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