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Mobile Testing Tips: Experiences & Realities

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Some testers believe that mobile testing requires a completely distinct approach deployed by distinct techniques, methodologies and tools; while some others believe that it is nothing but a contextually different traditional software testing.

Barış Sarıalioğlu’s book, ‘Mobile Testing Tips‘, offers thirty different tips to help you conquer your mobile testing challenges.

In this eBook we’ll take a closer look at three of these tips:

  • Understanding Mobile Testing Challenges
  • Defining the right Mobile Testing Strategy
  • First steps into Mobile Usability Testing
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Barış Sarıalioğlu (Keytorc Software Testing Services, Turkey)

Barış Sarıalioğlu has over ten years of experience as an information systems professional. He is highly experienced in software development life cycle, project management, Agile development, quality assurance, and software testing.

He has written articles and papers on software development methodologies, quality assurance, and software testing, and he regularly attends international and national conferences as a speaker, panelist, moderator, and contributor. In 2013, he published his first book, Software Testing Tips; Experiences & Realities, in which he shared his experiences and vision about various software testing issues.

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