Why Machine Learning is Important for Software Testing

It has been few years that machine learning has been used to an extent that images, videos and text recognition can also be done using it. Today machine learning is using to improve medical outcomes, cyber security and developing intelligent business applications. Now days, machine learning isn’t behaving like past years machines, because it has ability to apply complex mathematical calculations automatically using large amount of data sources with fast speed and high amount. You have read many articles on Artificial Intelligence or Machine learning, but nobody defines why it is important. In this article, I will explain you about why Machine Learning is important for IT Industries including the software testing industry.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence which provides ability to a system to learn and improve from historical data or experiences without being explicitly programmed. Machines start learning from the observation of data, instruction, and direct experience or in order to look for pattern in data and make future decisions based on the examples that we give. The main of aim of machine learning is to allow computers to learn automatically without assistance of human and perform actions automatically.


The Importance of Machine Learning

Machine learning has an ability to analyse complex data automatically and build robust models for better accuracy, if the dataset is clean and more clear, then accuracy will be high. By building these models, an organisation has plenty of chances to identify the safe outcomes and better opportunities or avoid unknown risks. Machine learning is applied in those cases where desired input is given, categorisation demands for label data called supervised learning and for unlabelled data use unsupervised learning. In next possibility, if model has no input data, but it provides results according to the interaction between model and current environment called reinforcement learning. In addition, this machine learning model removes the participation of humans and start working by its own thinking.


Why Machine learning is important

IT industry is core of every business, how can you be so sure that these IT strategies are right for business. There are plenty of companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Webtunix AI uses Artificial Intelligence and computer power to increase productivity to latest and imagined degree of success. Whether you are looking for stock forecasting, image and video processing, Prediction system and recommendation systems, it all requires machine learning models. Our Artificial Intelligence Services will help you to develop your idea and assist you for building the model and implement on existing Business model.


Most of Machine learning and AI coverage tends to focus on different ways the technologies will impact on jobs and lives in coming years. Bio-metric systems, disease prediction systems and self-driving cars to make self-decisions and deliver to us

  • The self-Driving Car by Nvidia
  • Recommendation engine used in World’s popular sites like Amazon and Netflix
  • Sentimental and behaviour analysis using twitter data
  • Fraud detection of credit card
  • Car number plate detection and recognition
  • Daily Forecasting of Stock Market
  • Chat bots for technical support and Service assistance
  • Face recognition and detection
  • Sentimental analysis and Emotion detection
  • Speech processing and voice recognition


Conversely, plenty of companies are excited with an idea of graph visualisation or chart that communicates business insights or outcomes, not all users of business analytics tools are capable of quickly and easily making the views. Artificial Intelligence consulting services are used to visualise the analytic environment of business to identify variables to explore, data patterns, data shaping which are not easily understood by humans. These serious business insights are more important for companies who expand their business wider. These processes are extremely valuable for those people who are not expert in data analysis modelling or analytics platforms.


In the nutshell, if these IT companies are looking for Artificial Intelligence consultancy or Machine learning services can embed these Data analysis tool or sophisticated functions to business insights and make their products more helpful and cover wide range of customers.

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