Stay on Top of the Revenue Game With Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a very popular ERP system which is apt for midsize to even big companies. The program has specific strengths in manufacturing as well as distribution. However, it has some features that serve the buyers across manifold industry domains. Dynamics AX can be hosted in a cloud for remote use over the web, and can even be installed on-premises, depending upon the need of the business.

Apart from the wonderful accounting features, Dynamics AX offers are capable of handling many operations including, warehouse management, inventory control, transportation management as well as the demand and supply strategizing.

It won’t be wrong if we say that Dynamics AX is a stunning tool that comes with every possible element which a company requires to improve your business. Microsoft Dynamics AX allows companies to cover a huge range of opportunities, working via prime services, including Service, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, Finance etc. A company can easily cover every requirement of the enterprise via only one solution.

Dynamics AX is one wonderful solution which is used to manage almost every part of the business operations with finesse. It leads to the enhancement of efficiency of the business methods. Just like any CRM solution, Dynamics AX also helps the users with the feature to quickly share standardized information amongst various departments. Workforces can put in the necessary information into Dynamics AX by creating a real-time snapshot. It helps the business to focus more on the data, than the regular business operations. It also offers a technique for restructuring business methods across the board.

Some of the best advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics AX are:

  • Multifaceted architecture which provides business the required agility to cater to the ever modifying business needs.
  • It has the capability to utilize the industry best practices as well as the vertical-market procedures via the business process library (BPL).
  • Unified Microsoft Office integration with almost all the other popularly used programs like Dynamics CRM, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook etc., with one click.
  • An enterprise portal which basically boosts both internal and external partnerships, as organizations can share information in various ways to smoothen the production and delivery.
  • A collection of complimentary programs that contain the necessary dashboards, Management Reporter, balanced scorecards, and they collectively offer a solid business intelligence solution.
  • Specific configuration enables the dashboard creation for particular user functions.
  • A very powerful and well integrated CRM that works in sync.
  • Good global ERP support, with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities.
  • A tremendously powerful international partner network as well as a huge third party software marketplace.
  • Very easy upgrade from Dynamics the old versions to the latest one.


Microsoft Dynamics AX can be directly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics AX is known to streamline the business operations of a company. However, it has a plenty of other useful features as well which make it a top choice of the business across the globe. And, one of them is its easy integration with Dynamics CRM. This allows the company to manage both their business operations as well as their business with equal ease. This not only saves the time of the employees, but also adds on to the efficiency of the operations. Not only this, Dynamics AX can be integrated with other Microsoft products as well like Excel, outlook etc.



Microsoft Dynamics AX is a wonderful solution that is a top competitor in the ERP software market. The latest features added in dynamics AX make is all the more easily to manage the business operations with ease. Plus, the extra advantage that it offers, by easily collaborating with other Microsoft programs is a big factor that attracts people towards Dynamics AX.

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