Add a Special Touch to Your Campaigns With Dynamics CRM

Campaign creation as well as campaign automation are two of the most useful and powerful functions integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM offers a lot more than just some features to manage the bond with the customer. Dynamics CRM offers various ways to uplift the customer acquisition tactics.

Marketing campaigns form a major part of the marketing plan. Whether it is the go-to market plan or any occasion specific strategy, both require very attractive and impactful campaigns to catch the eyeballs of maximum audience.

Dynamics 365 has made it extremely easy to create customized, multi-step email campaigns which are automated to deliver the right kind of message in a timely manner, to the target audience. In fact, the CRM portal maintains the complete record and reports related to the campaign crafted through CRM.

Campaign creation feature of the Dynamics CRM not just helps to spread the word about the company or any offer, but also helps to successfully end the sales buying cycle. Also, such specific emails can be created on Dynamics CRM which serve the on-boarding or the customer retention processes.

Though, the nurture campaigns are regularly used as a way to powerfully progress categorical sales leads, the advantages of automated communications extends to several other business processes.

Here are some of the top ways to make your campaign as impactful as the product or service!


Only curate targeted campaigns

One of the most important things to consider while planning a marketing campaign is the fact that the campaigns should reach the right set of people. Only when the campaign reaches the right audience, then only it will have the right impact. For example, if you want to market a new-age gadget then the best people to target would be the young or the middle aged gadget freaks. Only if you will target the specific group of people, then only you will get the expected traction. Otherwise, say if you randomly target everyone, and keep sending random mass emailers, then the impact will be lesser than expected.

Dynamics CRM allows you to gather the information about the right target audience. Be it through the customer insights, experiences, behaviors or the data points captured, it enables you to find out the apt people for every campaign. Also, the lead scoring feature enables you to fetch the right audience.

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Use your innate creative abilities to the fullest

Dynamics CRM allows you to freely make use of your intuitive creative abilities to the fullest. You have the option to try out a myriad of interesting things. Though, a plenty of set templates are already integrated in Dynamics CRM. But, the marketer gets the advantage of shaping up the marketing campaign exactly how he wants it. A marketer is the one who deeply studies the target market as well as the product or the service. Hence, it is believed that marketing professionals are the people who are closest to every product or service. Hence, they have the right mindset and understanding to craft very powerful campaigns. Thus, Dynamics CRM is highly preferred by marketing professionals as it lets them shape up the campaign just like they want it!


Push in insights from the relevant teams

One of the other amazing features of Dynamics CRM is that it beautifully connects different teams in a company. CRM is known to be designed specifically for the customer support team, to help them maintain the relationship with the customer, however, now, it has a lot of features for sales and marketing teams as well. Also, all the teams are connected very nicely. People from different teams can coordinate with the other team members to enhance the quality of their work also. For example, marketing team can coordinate with the customer support team, to get the useful customer insights, and based on those understandings, the marketer can add more value to the campaigns. In fact, even the marketing experts can gather very useful feedback from the sales team, to amplify the quality of their campaigns. Also, the teams can ask relevant questions from each other. In fact, the marketing team can ask for essential and very useful feedback from the other teams to develop more impactful campaigns.


Microsoft dynamics CRM services allows the marketing professionals to not only create world-class, highly interesting campaigns but also helps them to roll them out across a throng of channels. In fact, you can also create fantastic SMS/text messaging as well as many eye catchy social media campaigns.

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