Quotes of the Week: December 20th

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On this week’s Quotes of the Week: Microsoft new phone has issues, a new style of testing, a bug disrupts air travel and lots more


Microsoft’s Lumia 535 has some bugs

“We’re aware of reports about touchscreen functionality and are planning a software update to help improve this in the Microsoft Lumia 535 and 535 Dual-SIM phone”

A response from Microsoft Lumia support team to one user who was one of many complaints about Microsoft’s new smartphone. The device is the fist non-Nokia branded mobile to got into production. However there a bug on the software means that the touchscreen can only be partially used. Read the Full Story here



Flight Disruptions Caused by a software Bug

“Although operational restrictions applied during the failure have been lifted, it will take time for flight operations across the UK to fully recover so passengers should contact their airline for the status of their flight,”

The National Air Traffic Control Services (NATS) in the U.K. issue a statement after flights were delayed in the U.K. because of a software bug in the system that controls all U.K. air space. NATS controls and manages all civilian air space in the U.K. NATS directs about 208 flights an hour in the airspace over England and Wales. There have been issues with the centre since NATS moved into its new building in 2002. The backlog of flights had clearded by Sunday morning. Read the full story here.



A new approach to software testing

“The testing team have moved from conversations where testing was seen as necessary for quality assurance but time consuming and expensive, to far more engaging and empowering conversations [which have shifted] to the list of things that the stakeholder can do to impact time and cost, and then engage in advising them on how to act on those.”

National Australia Bank’s general manager of support services technology Dayle Stevens comments on how the Back has developed a new method of testing software in the firm. The idea behind the new system is to “shift testing from being the “collection point of the problem to be a driver for accountability, profitability, productivity and quality”. Read more about how the process was coordinated here.

A Christmas Carol Re-Worked


And last but not least. Seeing as it is the season of good will, Ryan Rutan, a developer based in the United States has come up with a novel way of telling the Chales Dickens classic.


Seasons Greeting for all at TEST Huddle.


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