On This Day: December 20th

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Apple acquire NeXT and Intel release Pentium III processors. All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.



1996 – Apple acquires NeXT and re-acquires Steve JobsApple und NeXT

Apple announce that the company is intending to acquire NeXT Software Inc. Apple will pay $427 million for the company with Steve Jobs (who left Apple to establish NeXT) rejoining Apple and reporting to Apple CEO Gilbert F. Amelio. NeXT specialised in software development and their current NeXTstep operating system will go on to become the foundation of the Mac OS Xoperating system.






2001 – Intel release New Pentium III ProcessorsIntel pentium III 750

In the U.S., Intel release new 750 and 800MHz Pentium III processors. These new processors have a number of advanced features including Advanced Transfer Cache and System Buffering. These features allow for a boost in performance by placing a full-speed Level-2 cache memory directly on the processor die and increasing the width of the data pathway to the processor.






Images: computerwoche.de, Zen.co.uk

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