Quotes of The Week: August 16th-22nd 2015

Welcome to the this week’s Quotes of the Week: Flash problems, why bug hunters are hero’s, everything you need to know about the StageFright bug and more.


An API Testing Service To Reduce ‘Broken’ Software

Apiary’s new testing service claims to be able to test API fidelity and reliability in live environments in real-time

Apiary are a company that claim to help with testing API’s in real time that would mean the elimination of verification tests for the Apps. Read More here


An Exploratory Testing Competition

Having just one winner makes the competition tougher but at the end of the day it’s all about how kick-ass you are

Test Insane are launching a special competition for context-driven testers. The competition involves testing a software product provided at the beginning of the competition with entrants being judged on the ideas they come up with to report as well as fix the bug in that software. Read More here


Flash has all the problems

If you are reading this on August 18th, the odds are that Adobe has found, and not yet fixed, 5 new bugs in the Flash Player. Reading this on August 25th? Chances are you are vulnerable to 10 new Flash bugs. Five bugs a week.”

Michael Horowitz comments on the fact that the number of bugs being reported with Flash is increasing all the time such that at the current rate there is 1 bug fix every 33 hours for Flash for 2015. Read More here

Apple Updates IoS: Bugs Are Resolved

iOS 8.4.1 resolves several other issues, including those that previously prevented users from turning on iCloud Music Library. Another previous issue, meanwhile, hid recently added music because Apple Music only showed offline music, but the update resolves this as well.”

The latest version of  iOS (8.4.1.) was released recently. It addressed a number of bugs that had featured in the OS up to this point. Read More here


Why Bug Hunters Are Hero’s!

They risk the wrath of powerful corporations and government agencies to find and report critical vulnerabilities. They’ll chance lawsuits and even jail time by poking around in proprietary software. And they’re doing it to ensure that stuff gets fixed.

A comment on how the role of the security researcher is changing. Arguments against the independent security researcher have lessened in recent years such that a recent posting by Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson received a mass backlash on the internet.  Read More here


Everything You Need to Know About The StageFright Bug

As for security software to protect your device from general threats, several companies offer apps designed to detect and thwart malware on mobile gadgets.

J. D. Biersdorfer expalins all you need to know about the StageFright Bug. The software bug affects Android devices and J.D. looks into how you can check if you have the bug and how to protect yourself against it. Read More here




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