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Each weekend we will share with you, one popular blog and one popular eBook, from the last year at TEST Huddle. In this Weekend Resource Bundle you can read a blog post on Usability Testing and download an eBook on Testing as a Service Models (TAAS).

[Blog] Setting Up Usability Testing For An Innovative Medical Device

Profile picture of Patrickby Patrick Duisters (Improve Quality Services BV, Nethelands)

In this blog post, Patrick will tell you about how he initiated and lead usability testing of a new medical DNA analysis system in a young company.

He will share details on how, and what, he has done to test and verify the user-friendliness and learnability of the system in a regulatory environment and what he learned from applicable standards. Peter will also the challenges of deploying a transparent and auditable usability program, using different heuristics, methods and tools and involving various intended users.

Peter will then go on to discuss his experience of working with a diverse team of biologists, researchers, hardware and software engineers, and how collaboration and perseverance lead to appreciated test results making himself, and laboratory staff, enthusiastic about usability testing. These experiences will be of help to you while deploying your own usability testing.

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[eBook] Testing as a Service Models

Profile picture of Jonathonby Jonathon Wright (Hitachi Consulting, UK)

The traditional focus of testing in many organisations has been on quality assurance and return on investment over relatively long baselines. Testing as a Function is increasingly being seen by many organisations as a costly, barely justifiable overhead, which cannot make a sufficient impact on quality or return on investment rapidly enough even within modern enterprise delivery environments. Perhaps an alternative approach is long overdue?

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