On This Day – June 18th

All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle. Palm introduce their new Handheld’s and the first file-sharing case ends in the United States.

2001 –  Palm introduce the Jordan m100, m500Palm m100

In the United States, Palm launch the Jordan m100 and Jordan m500 handheld computers to the market. The new devices are the result of a $3.5 million three-year deal with basketball star Michael Jordan.  The devices have the samehard ware as previous versions of Palm devices. The only differences being  “Jordan” branding on the case and the software bundled with the special edition device which include programmes related to Jordan and basketball. The devices retail for $159 and $425 respectively.









2009 – Damages Awarded for Illegally Sharing Twenty-Four Songs ReducedKazaa

Also in the United States on this day, in the case Capitol v. Thomas, Jammie Thomas-Rasset is found liable by a jury for $1.92 million in statutory damages for infringing on the copyright of twenty-four songs she shared on Kazaa in the first Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) file-sharing case to go to trial in U.S. history. The following January, the damages will be later reduced to US$54,000 in January by Judge Michael Davis.



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