Quotes of the Week: June 20th

Welcome to the this week’s Quotes of the Week: Samsung Galaxy Bug, Google launches Android Bounty Programme and more.


Samsung Galaxy Keyboard Bug Security Risk

When a device downloads a language pack update, any man-in-the-middle attacker—a bad actor positioned on the same network as the user—can swap out the real file with malware, thus compromising the device.

At the Black Hat Conference in London this week, a bug was exposed in Samsung S4, S5 and S6 models that meant the phone could be exposed to hacking. The vulnerability could mean that a hacker could control a phone’s microphone and camera as well as access to text messages. Read More here


Google Launches New Bounty Programme

A “moderate bug” can fetch $500 if just found, $750 if you can provide a test case, $1,000 if you can provide a CTS or a patch for the bug, and $2,000 if you can provide a CTS AND a patch for the bug

A report from Andrew Myrick on the latest Google Bug Bounty Programme. The programme is for Android devices. The bug payments increase in value  up to $8,000 for those that find a serious vulnerability in a Android devices. Read More here


Windows Release Bug Fixes

Microsoft have released a number of updates for Window software. Although these patches are mainly non-security, it has been reported that the updates will improve performance as well as remove many of the existing bugs in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Read More here


Reddit Goes HTTPS

We genuinely value the privacy of the people who trust reddit as a platform for open communication

Reddit spokeperson Heather Wilson explains why the site is joining the likes of Wikipedia and Netflix in offering its pages through a HTTPS connection. The company will phase out HTTP connections to make browsing its forums more secure. Read More here



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