Featured Members: Huw Price, Maja Schreiner and Kobi Halperin

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This week’s  featured members are:


Huw Price

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Huw is M.D and lead technical architect at Grid Tools. He is also a prolific blogger on the GridTools blog about all aspects of testing. He is based in the United Kingdom. His interests include a lot of different areas of testing. Huw recently got involved in  the thread relating  to Test Code Coverage with some helpful thoughts. Read the discussion here.



Maja Schreiner

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Maja hails from Switzerland. She works as a test engineer and has an interest in the areas of test processes and Agile. Maja is also a keen blogger and writes about her experiences of Agile and particularly speaking at conferences with the guidance of SpeakEasy. If you haven’t heard about SpeakEasy, it’s a new initiative to encourage first time speakers to get on the speaker list for conferences. The initiative is running as part of EuroSTAR 2015 this year and you can find out more about it on the thread here on TEST Huddle.


Kobi Halperin

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Kobi works as a test engineer with Ceragon & ITCB. His areas of expertise include testing in telecom. Kobi has twenty years of experience in this area so it can be taken that he has plenty of knowledge in this area. He recently took part in the discussion Testing Vs. Checking in the software testing forum. The thread has been gathering pace over the last week or so as people discuss what the difference between the two are and how to clarify the difference. You can join the discussion here.



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