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    I just saw on the programme that Wednesday has slots for Speak Easy participants.

    More info here.

    Is anyone here part of the mentor-ship program?

    I signed up a little while back and then a lot of stuff happened so after my first mentoring session I dropped everything and sorted life a little a bit.

    But I am motivated again to try and better my public speaking skills.

    Would you take part?

    What would you talk about?

    If you want mentoring or want to be a mentor don;t forget to sign up here.


    Thanks for this Kim, I’d no idea about it and it seems like a really cool programme! I’ll be signing up, luckily for everyone this won’t be as a mentor.

    I’ve spoken a few times in public so don’t have too many concerns, still I would need a LOT of polish to become an accomplished speaker….oh and something worth speaking about 🙂


    I thought I would put the video here for anyone that has just come across this thread. @Anne-Marie Charrett explains the concept in more detail for those that are interested.



    @Nicholas I have signed up too and have done a couple of presentations recently to a crowd of 80% developers! But it went OK.

    I just get sooo nervous but it is all practice. I think i have the enthusiasm down, but then I stumble over my words. lol.

    I just love that all the conferences are getting in on it and supporting the newbie speakers through speakeasy!


    Sounds pretty awesome Kim, I find the best thing in these situations is to learn by doing. i.e. you don’t know how to handle certain problems until you experience them. You’ll notice you improve after each presentation without actually doing anything as you become gradually more relaxed.

    How long did it take for someone from the speakeasy to get in touch? I’ve still heard nothing back



    Hey @Nicholas
    It took about a week or just over. And then you just organise with the mentor when to chat!
    I have a bit of homework from mine to do! I don’t think I will apply for speakeasy but I am hoping to take advantage of another opportunity to speak. 🙂


    mmm I applied the same time as that post on the 28th, hopefully I hear something soon in that case!


    Hey everyone, Anne-Marie Charrett here. Fiona and I are thrilled that Eurostar have teamed up with us to allocate a speaking spot at Eurostar. Please feel free to ask us any questions here.


    Hi Nicholas, we’re working through the list, we’ll get back to you shortly!


    No problem Anne-Marie! Sorry the above wasn’t a complaint, I was just concerned I hadn’t done something right more than anything. I look forward to hearing from you

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