Mobility and Digital Transformation Testing

When considering mobility and digital transformation testing, customers today demand ‘anytime- anything-anywhere’ service with the finest experience. From wanting new, upgraded, contemporary features in mobile apps and websites, to getting what they need at a faster pace, they are not ready to compromise with quality or wait endlessly. No wonder that even small glitches in customer experience can cost businesses their reputation. Worse, they may even pave way for heavy losses as customers will not think twice before moving over to a competitor that promises to deliver fast results and a top-notch user experience. Thus, conducting comprehensive testing has emerged as a must-do thing, across a business’s digital value chain and the complete digital ecosystem.

The real digital transformation happens when a common vision unites the isolated technology efforts and supports them with integrated infrastructure. A connectivity layer is the key element of this integrated infrastructure that facilitates easy connection among all the enterprise touchpoints such as legacy systems, applications, devices, data, and cloud. It is equally important to have the ability to change how these touchpoints work together and communicate with each other. With such connectivity levels, businesses can enjoy the agility to speed up product development, pivot fast in markets, perform real-time analysis of data across all customer touchpoints and reach buyers on new channels. Thus, digital transformation empowers businesses by helping them pace up their business ideas and reach out to their internal and external customers effectively.

Mobility Testing Services

Enabling enterprise mobility brings competitive advantages and encourages process efficiencies that can transform business and buying behaviours. With our end-to-end mobile testing solutions, we can help enterprises optimise application deployment across multiple devices. To ensure usability, quality, functionality and security for overall mobile user experience and to overpower the growing mobile testing challenges, It offers the following testing services:

  • Device compatibility testing
  • Real device testing
  • Mobile usability testing
  • Mobile application test automation
  • Mobile performance testing
  • Mobile security testing
  • Mobile network testing
  • Localisation testing
  • Managed Crowd testing

It will offer Managed Mobility Services to offer a complete application, data, and device-level management for mobile platforms. Thus, mobile users can keep their personal images, apps, music etc along with their professional data and apps that would co-exist on a device and yet get managed separately.


DevOps Testing for Digital Transformation

Digital testing approaches and processes need to be well planned and implemented to ensure enterprise software and applications are responsive, operational, and robust on modern digital platforms. Digital transformation plans for businesses demand use of digital technologies efficiently, seamlessly, and speedily to ensure the process is faster and helps the enterprise stay competitive in the market. Yet, with new-age digital technologies such as Mobility, Social Media, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Smart Devices etc, enterprises of varying shapes and sizes are undergoing digital transformation at a speed that is unmanageable for many. That is where continuous testing in DevOps offered by appropriate QA teams can come to the rescue.

  • By speeding up the release cycle with effective collaboration between testing, development, and QA teams along with test automation, it helps the final products to reach the market faster, thus giving a competitive advantage to the business.
  • Apart from faster detection and fixing of bugs throughout the SDLC, appropriate DevOps testing strategy also encourages experiment and innovation. This is key to get an edge in today’s market as businesses need to try and test newer things by taking risks.
  • Digital transformation demands rapid and flexible delivery of systems and software, which can be met by adopting the disciplines of testing DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and in-production experimentation.


The DevOps world has managed to eliminate the boundaries between operations and development and interestingly, testers have a big role to play if the domain is to get robust and all embracing.

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