Minimising SAP Testing Efforts for Safer, Faster Updates

Roman Zednik


Reading Time: < 1 minuteYour business runs on SAP, but likely not on SAP alone. Your business processes also rely on custom code and 3rd party applications, with a variety of interfaces connecting them all together. Whenever you update your SAP software, you risk breaking these end-to-end transactions, with the potential impacts ranging from costly delays and business losses to upset customers and PR nightmares. Compounding this risk is the pressure from customers, C-level initiatives, and even SAP itself to accelerate release times. To deliver SAP updates safely and swiftly, you need a strategy for maximizing testing efficiency. One that…....

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About Me!

I started my professional career as a Software Developer for more the 6 years in the finance space. After that I moved into a Presales Consultant role for many years at companies like Mercury, Hewlett-Packard Software and now for more the 6 years already at Tricentis.

At Tricentis I run the EMEA Team of Presales Solution Architects responsible for all Continuous Testing solutions within the Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform.

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