May Survey Sunday: Tell Us Your Thoughts & Win

Here at Huddle, we are always interested in discussing how our community members can contribute to the shape and style of our community. So we have decided to establish a software testing survey for our members. The survey will consist of three short questions each month based around some aspect of the community.


Software Testing Survey

The survey allow to share your opinion on different aspects of software testing. Each month the newly published survey will ask you questions on things like the tools you use, the typical testing career, software development processes and lots more.

The surveys are designed so that you, as a member of the Huddle community can share and seek out what other members thoughts and practices are.

We will be publishing the results of the anonymous survey in the regular results updates of previous surveys here.

We are also offering all survey entrants a chance to enter a draw to win an Amazon voucher  at the end of each calendar month.

So get replying below. The member survey will be up for a month and is updated at the start of each month.

Create your own user feedback survey
If you can’t see the survey, try the link here. The survey will be updated each month with new questions.  If you have some other suggestions that have not be covered in the survey, we welcome any direct feedback in our Feedback Forum here.

You can catch up on the results of previous surveys here.

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