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Huddle Poll | What Impact Will Blockchain Have On Testing?

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  • 28/02/2018
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Blockchain has quickly become a talked about term in popular culture as the popularity of cryptocurrencies have increased. The Blockchain technology has quickly been seen to be useful in other industries. As an encrypted database that is secure, it has been adopted by some leading companies. It has seen some application in software development. The impact of Blockchain on testing however,has yet to be felt. So we are asking you today if you think it will shape testing in the future?

Do you think the effect of blockchain on testing means that blockchain is likely to become the basis of all software development? Do you think it will have a much lesser impact like IoT where it will become a speciality for some testers?

What Impact will Blockchain have on Testing?

What Impact will Blockchain Have on Testing?
Major - Will Change Testing in the Future
Moderate - Will Have Some Impact
Minor - Will change few aspects of testing
None - No impact
I'm Not Sure

What are the big questions in software testing? We want to answer that question. Each week on Huddle we share a poll on the big questions in Testing in our weekly Software Survey of Testers. You might feel a certain way about how many years it takes to become a good tester or you might have a certain opinion on ISO standards or testing problems but what are the opinions of others and how does your opinion fit into the thoughts of the software test.

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