Top 7 Tips on How to Become an Android Developer

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As a programmer, knowing and understanding Java is an essential part in the programming world. It is also said that Java can be a great basis for learning programming on the Android platform. So, how exactly do you become an Android Programmer? Here are some interesting steps that may help you start off your journey as an Android Programmer:


1. Know About the Things Involving the Operative System.

It’s important to know and understand the beginnings of everything related to Android, Google Play for instance, and understand how it became the most popular mobile OS in the world.


2. Learn the Java Programming Language

Most Android applications are written in Java (some are written in C++). A strong command of Java is essential for Android application development. Android utilizes Java’s object oriented programming model. In object-oriented programming, elements of the program are broken into pieces that mimic “real-world” objects. For example, in an Android video game, the player character and enemy combatant would each be objects.



3. Start off With Your First Project

There is a story of one programmer, who started a project in Android, it was an app that helped with planning and navigating through the American highways. With this application, users are able to plan a trip in such a way as to be able to dine at a favorite restaurant or visit places that they find interesting. It took us over a month to create this application. Interesting, huh? The project completion was a month later.

The best way to get started is to, literally, get started on a project.


4.  Use Android Studio

We can’t leave out this point in this blog on How to Become an Android Developer. Built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software, the Android Studio has been designed for Android development. What’s even more important is that is have a USER guide, which covers topics such as the project Structure, debug and profile tools and much more. It’s handy as it will help you with your first Android project.



It also has a View Mode…. Worth mentioning

Android Studio has many good functionalities, including the view mode. It allows you to browse the designed application on many different screens of phones and tablets.


5.  Understand the App Life Cycle

The life cycle of Android applications has been designed in a completely different way than in applications controlled by JVM. Android does not have the classic static method public static main (String [] args) {…}. Instead, we find a series of new methods in activity classes, such as onCreate, on Resume, onPause, onDestroy, etc. Using the above-mentioned methods, specific “behaviors” of given activity classes are defined.
Each of the above mentioned methods participates in the life cycle of a given activity class, which can be seen in the diagram below.




Pic: Life class of the activity class using adequate methods.

6. Read Others Code

This is the best thing recommended to a developer as he/she can learn coding in the best way. Many developers say that they learned a lot from the code of the open-source apps.


7. Know About The Code Quality Check Tools

There are plenty of tools available that you can use to test the code quality.
• FindBugs
• Checkstyle


Huddle offers plenty of eBooks for Download on Android development careers. Make sure to view them as they will help you answer How to Become an Android Developer.


In conclusion, if you want to know how to Become an Android Developer :

  1. Know About the Things Involving the Operative System.
  2. Learn the Java Programming Language
  3. Start off With Your First Project
  4. Use Android Studio
  5. Understand the App Life Cycle
  6. Read Others Code
  7. Know About The Code Quality Check Tools
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