Hacker Rewarded $15K by Facebook

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Do you like software testing? Do you like going on Facebook? Ever wondered what It would be like to make money from combining the two? That’s exactly what one savvy user has done.

Anand Prakash, who works as a security analyst at Flipkart, discovered a bug in Facebook’s login system. This bug, in the hands of the wrong person, could allow hackers to access users personal information such as photo’s, private messages and worst of all, credit card details!

Instead of accessing this data, Anand decided to pass on his findings to Facebook and was rewarded for his honesty. In a recent blog post he described how he e-mailed his findings to Facebook on February 22 and received a mail about a $15,000 reward on March 2. Not a bad piece of business for Anand.


Source: http://www.anandpraka.sh/


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