Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the phrase TEST Huddle come from?

TEST  stands for The EuroSTAR Software Testing.  Huddle by definition, is to gather together to discuss, consult and exchange ideas. Thus TEST Huddle.

Why the name change?

As you might have noticed, TEST Huddle is now EuroSTAR Huddle. As we are part of the EuroSTAR Software Testing family, we wanted to recognise that and demonstrate our close relationship. The EuroSTAR Huddle will feature the same great resources, discussions and blog posts and community discussions as before.

Who are EuroSTAR Huddle?

EuroSTAR Huddle is brought to you by the team behind the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference. The community was established in early 2014 as a place for software testers and those involved in software testing the world over to gather, discuss, and learn about issues surrounding software testing.

What can I do on the Huddle?

Once you sign up, there are plenty of things to do on EuroSTAR Huddle. The most popular area for members is the Forum where the regular chat about testing and topics not related to testing happen every day.

If you want to expand on your testing knowledge, then there is our Resources section with eBooks, recorded webinars, podcasts and more to explore.

What does membership give me access to?

Once you sign up to the community here you have access to all our resources; eBooks, webinars, podcasts and especially access to out community forums where you can start your own conversations or reply to others.

Something isn’t working for me, who do I contact?

Use the Contact Us form to get in touch. Alternatively if you spot a bug on the site, you can get report it in the Bug Report thread.

How do I reply to a conversation/start a conversation in the forums? 

We have developed a number of helpful videos to help our members with the different features of the community. You can find those videos here.

How do I get updates on a conversation I contributed to?

You can get notifications on reply’s to the conversation that you have joined by clicking the “Notify the author of follow-up replies via email” box when entering a reply.  See the image below. Likewise if you wish to not receive any more notifications, go to your original comment and unclick the box.

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I would like to contribute more to the community, how do I become a Moderator?

If you are enjoying your time interacting in the community and  feel like you would like to get involved more involved, you can become one of our community moderators.

I want to find an eBook on testing. Where do I look?

If you are looking for an eBook on testing, then head straight over to our Resources section, filter by ebook and you will find our large library of ebooks all related to software testing.

I want to write about testing on EuroSTAR Huddle, how do I create a Blog Post?

If you have your own thoughts about testing and you would like them published on EuroSTAR Huddle, you can submit your thoughts to us. You will have to create your blog post in a separate document and simply upload through our upload page, it’s that simple.