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How to Contribute

Welcome. Huddle is a growing community of software testers. in the Community we have resources of all level of testers. So whether you are a junior tester, experienced tester, test manager or project manager, there are some great resources for you.

But every now and again the community looks for fresh ideas, new approaches and people with something to say.

So if you would like to share your story, your opinion, your argument for a new way of testing, here is how you can on Huddle.


Are You Testing

Write for The Huddle Blog

This blog is the quickest way to get your opinion and thoughts out there on Huddle. You might have been thinking of writing something on testing for a long time but have never got around to doing it.

Now is the time.

It’s easy to upload your post to Huddle. You don’t have to setup your own blog and you have a guaranteed audience to read your opinions.

Stuck for ideas on what to write about? Browse the blog to see what others have written. You might want to write a reply to another blog that caught your eye, or share how you do things in your testing team. It can be about anything once it has relevance for our community.

Watch the video below to find out how to share. You can paste a blog post directly into the upload a resource page. Once we review it to make sure it is for the community, we will publish it for you!

Dont forget to include a brief (100 word) biography in the body text about yourself.

eBooks And Webinars

If writing really is your thing, then why not contribute to the community with an ebook. It is not as daunting as it sounds. Alternatively you might be in the process of writing a book on a testing topic and would like to share a chapter with the community.

We have a huge eBook library so why not see what has been written there before.

If writing isn’t your thing, then webinar might be for you. Present on a topic of your choosing. We usually have about three webinars a month and cover a lot of different topics so there is already plenty in the webinar archive to get inspiration from.

Get in touch with us if you want to find out more.

If you want to add to the collection, you can find out how to start uploading a resource.


The forum is the place to share immediate thoughts and get immediate feedback! Want to discuss something more than write about it? Well the forum is the perfect place to start your conversation. Here are a few threads that you might want to start with:

Introduce Yourself! – It’s not mandatory but why not introduce yourself to the other members of the community – this might help you to identify new connections.

Starting Discussions – You must be logged in to create new discussion topics. All discussions are grouped into different forums depending on the subject matter. As a member, you can start a discussion topic in an existing forum.

Where to place discussions – Try to ensure you place your new conversations in the most appropriate forum. If one doesn’t exist or if you are unsure, feel free to post it in the main Info & Off-Topic Discussion forum and we will move it if we need to.

Subject lines – Make sure your subject lines provide accurate detail about your topic or query.  This will help to ensure that the right members are reading your post and increase the likelihood of getting the response you are after!

Contacting moderators – Feel free to contact us at [email protected] – we will try to respond to all queries on the same day but depending on the demand it may take a little longer.


TEST Huddle includes an events calendar which displays events of various types happening in the software testing world. For physical events, you can search by location and date using the Advanced Search function. If you would like to suggest an event, please email us at [email protected].

Search function

If you wish to use the site search function – please do so using the magnifying glass symbol in the top right hand corner of any page: Search Function

A search bar will appear after you click the icon – type your search and hit enter!

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