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    Testing is one of the best platform to identify the mistakes in any work. Besides the software developing section testing have great importance. Testing helps the writers to find out the mistakes and it will automatically improves the knowledge.


    It would also be nice to have a topic that talks about the latest trends / technology / news in testing


    Predictive Analytics in software testing.


    I would like to know about selenium framework concepts  and different type of testing methodologies


    Testing is the most imperative for fulfilling the customer needs in portable applications testing. There are loads of areas in testing like dexterous testing is quickest and best process . PhD Dissertation Writing Service


    I need to get additional information regarding the agile testing methodologies as this really is considered as a growing market nowadays.

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    @herrycolin please avoid pasting your text from office documents into the content field.


    I would like to learn more about importance of automation testing tools in any project & their benefits. I do have a blog which focuses on it. Please visit a link and add more into it Here is the link :  https://www.itcube.net/importance-automation-testing-software-project.html

    You can share your insights and give suggestions to add more.


    Ok, but please respect the community guidelines forward on /mod

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