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    I would be interested in Security and penetration testing


    Let’s speak about testing tools. I use Blisk browser and it makes testing easy and faster. ┬áTry it here https://blisk.io

    [mod/JO: OK, but careful wrt commercial links]


    I love to read about localization and crowdsourced testing. This is my main area of interest


    I would like to know more about Selenium testing. I am developer but I would like to join our testing team. Our company uses selenium and I don’t have better idea about it. So, please share your views here.


    @lydialoftis Have a look at Resource section of this forum there are lots of resources (blog, webinar etc.) available about Selenium testing.


    Testing is one of the best platform to identify the mistakes in any work. Besides the software developing section testing have great importance. Testing helps the writers to find out the mistakes and it will automatically improves the knowledge.

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