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    At Test Huddle, we try to bring the best testing content to you.

    Our content calendar gives you an idea of what we have lined up for this year but often there are topics that we might have missed.

    So this is the location for you to nominate what you want on Test Huddle.

    Have a favourite speaker? Want to learn more about a particular topic? Want a blog post on how to use Appium?

    Tell us below what you want.


    I would like to see some useful articles on how effective is web accessibility testing when tested using firebug tool (extensively through Fireeyes testing using World Space tool) and what are the key feature to be considered while performing this testing.


    Good to have articles related to testing the UI of the application in various browsers of various devices including OS combinations (Windows, Mac OS & Android). (Example: testing a web app in ipad safari, Firefox, Android Chrome, etc.



    I’d like more topics on automation testing tools.

    I’d like content on Ranorex in particular. But also NUnit.


    UI/UX Testing article will be of great help


    @milton @ben9 @thoughtsofdeva Thanks for the suggestions so far. There is real variety in those suggestions. I’ll work on developing some content around these topics for you. I’ll keep you updated.



    How does ITIL fit with Agile testing?


    How does ITIL fit with Agile testing?

    ITIL is … mainly about controlling the production interface, control the changes and incidents.
    Agile is .. mainly about delivering working software to production

    So two different things in the coorporate space, yet agile projects can absolutely deliver to ITIIL, they are both frameworks you can tailor for your porpuse not stonecut bodies of how-to’s.


    I would like to know more about how to setup api automation using pytest


    How about Performance Tuning


    I would like to attend some practice webinar on how to learn and use Selenium WebDriver with java just for the testers viewpoint


    I would like to see a place to share implementing and using different features within Test Complete and other automation tools being used.


    I would like to know about the certification of QA testers. And what kind of exams are needed. 🙂


    I would like articles on these 3 topics: 1) Agile testing in general 2) Testers involvment in helping Business Analysts and Product Owners gathering requirements and describing stories 3) Selenium Web Driver platform with python


    I’d like to see or hear about methods and tools to test IoT.
    I still haven’t read the eBook by J. D. Hagar (a lot to read), but either way it would be nice to see some real examples hands-on.


    Future of testing in DevOps model and strategies to explore in CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery)


    Some great responses here.

    @marzio and @eetlis We are planning on launching a Selenium blog series on common problems using the platform soon. Stay tuned.

    @suresh-parimi Jeffery Payne recently did a webinar for us on CI that might be of use to you.: https://testhuddle.com/resource/continuous-everything/

    We will work on some of the other suggestions here especially automation tools. I’ll keep you updated.


    Work on mobile automation as well!


    Hi @ronan
    Testing is the most important for satisfying the client needs in mobile apps testing. There are lots of sections in testing like agile testing is fastest and best process .


    I would Like Know more about Test Maturity Model !!!


    I need more information on how to manage an enterprise test system – one that is for the enterprise IT and not dedicated to a particular application. How do you manage the testing environment needs?


    I would like some webinar on integration testing technique and different approaches for same. I have attended so far some of webinar and they are more focused on concept not on how to implement them in your current concept . So how manual tester can improve testing and his/her processes in organization will be helpful.


    Thanks for the latest suggestions guys.

    @sneha-singh, @carolyn-j-lankfordcummins-com, @rupali they are suggestions we will take on board. We will try get some of those on the webinar schedule for the next few months.


    I would like to see some useful articles related to IOT and their respective testing methodologies.


    I would like to see some useful articles related to IOT and their respective testing methodologies.


    I would be interested in Security and penetration testing


    Let’s speak about testing tools. I use Blisk browser and it makes testing easy and faster.  Try it here https://blisk.io

    [mod/JO: OK, but careful wrt commercial links]


    I love to read about localization and crowdsourced testing. This is my main area of interest


    I would like to know more about Selenium testing. I am developer but I would like to join our testing team. Our company uses selenium and I don’t have better idea about it. So, please share your views here.


    @lydialoftis Have a look at Resource section of this forum there are lots of resources (blog, webinar etc.) available about Selenium testing.

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